Freedom of movement with the right floor

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The ultimate freedom of movement for athletes, gym rats, dancers and other motion happy people come from the quality of the floor. Get the tips and tricks for choosing the right floor for maximum freedom of movement here.

It is a challenging task to create a gym that caters to the needs of many different sports and activities at the same time.

Maybe the gym is used for both fitness routines, soccer matches, handball training sessions and shooting hoops in basketball.

Or maybe you are going for creating a space that lives up to standards for professional indoor sports games, like professional basketball courts or semi-professional handball games.

No matter what you are aiming for, freedom of movement is key.

This is made up of several components.

Combining a smooth surface and a sturdy foundation

The foundation of the sports floor, whatever the purpose, is a critical factor for freedom of movement.

The best sport flooring solutions on the market consist of a sturdy hardwood foundation and a technologically evolved coating.

One of the market leading manufacturers combines a scientifically developed urethane coating with a press-dried 22 mm hardwood foundation for optimal freedom of movement — see it all here.

The life span of a floor

Renovating or installing new sports flooring can be a costly and cumbersome task. So, it is very understandable if you want to do it as rarely as possible. With this in mind, choose a floor that is made to last. A sturdy surface coating and a proper foundation are the two central aspects to consider when choosing new floors.

Secondly, you will want floors that have minimal demands for cleaning and maintenance, to increase the life span of the floors and lower the cost.

Make the floors last a lifetime

To keep the life span as long as possible for the hardwood floors, you should be aware of a couple of things. Firstly, make sure that the coating diminishes dents and doesnt allow cracks to the hardwood of the floor. This is done by choosing the floors from a manufacturer that is market leading on coating.

Secondly, keep an eye on your own cleaning and maintenance of the floor.

Cleaning can be done by sweeping or using a machine for cleaning. It is crucial that the cleaning is done with as little water as possbile, to keep the coating intact and working properly.

Third, to maintain a smooth surface with maximum freedom of movement, it is advisable to have the floors lightly sanded and then re-sealed with an approved coating. This way, the floors stay smooth, even and ready to accommodate freedom of movement for everyone that uses it.


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