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Where do you want to be focusing the bulk of your business’ energy? You might say “keeping my employees happy so that they are healthy, efficient, productive assets.” That’s true, needless to say, but then the question needs to be asked, “What do I want my happy employees predominantly focused on?”

The answer might surprise you. Because the answer isn’t IT or coming up with new projects or working the systems which are in place at your business. Those are all important things, to be sure, and they must receive sufficient attention and energy. But the most important thing for your employees to be focused on just so happens to be marketing.

Yes, marketing. Because without marketing, hardly anyone knows you. Most people won’t know that you exist, and even those who do will have only vague ideas about what you can offer them.

This reality doesn’t mean that you merely want a company mostly made up of marketing managers. It means that after the sufficient attention is given to IT implementation, putting management systems in place, taking care of payroll, and so on, the total company focus (TCF) should turn to how to market the company’s offerings.

Branding, social networking, and the gathering of input and ideas from non-marketing employees about what their areas and departments are doing and can do for your company’s customers for you to communicate through your marketing all need to be top priority for your business.

Important Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Take a multimedia approach. People in today’s world, for better or for worse, crave multimedia input. For example, for many years now as this is being written, in the music industry CD sales have waned; and yet, music DVD, concert ticket, artist merchandise, ringtone, and “skins” sales have been through the ceiling. Because music lovers want to wrap themselves in multiple dimensions of the musicians they are fans of. So, when you come up with marketing materials, come up with a thematically coordinated multimedia effort. Make postcard mailers, DVDs, online videos, tri-fold brochures, and blog posts all for one product or service, for example.

Understand that social media marketing is the new great power in the marketing world. People not only crave multimedia stimulation today, they also crave buying without being sold more than they ever have before. They wish to feel like they are taking in information and then making the ultimate decision to buy or not to buy for themselves, without any outside influences of any significance. Social media marketing sells simply by being sociable. The glory days of the hard sell closer are over, at least for now.

Tell a story. People buy stories. People suck them down the way children suck down milkshakes and soft drinks with straws. All of your marketing efforts must be poured into the telling of your company’s or your offering’s tale.

Make your marketing art. People crave art, not more commercials, these days, whether they consciously realize that or not. Make every marketing tool that you use a miniature work of art. Be funny so that people laugh. Be highly informative. Be dynamic. Be poetic. Be visually stunning. Use captivating music.


Ultimately, everything about your success comes down to marketing. As a company, do whatever it takes to enable your business to put its major focus in that direction. Visit to know more about business and latest tech news.


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