Yellow teeth- Explanation

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Tooth discoloration is one of the commondental problems that people are facing. This discoloration of teeth makes people uncomfortable while talking or smiling and gives a negative mark towards a person’s personality. Among these discoloration yellow teeth is the major one. Human teeth vary in color and bright white teeth are not natural for everyone. Teeth contain a compound called dentin which determines the color of teeth. Dentin is present beneath enamel and once enamel starts wearing off, dentin is visible. Variation in dentin structure results in different coloration of teeth.


Beside natural coloration of teeth other conditions are applicable which result in yellowing of teeth. Deposition of colored substance on tooth pellicle is the main cause of yellowing of teeth.

Like adults children are often affected by yellowing of teeth which is a result of mineral deficiencies during teeth development.


  • Translucent enamel: Enamel is the outermost hard covering of tooth and is translucent. Beneath enamel is present dentin which is yellow in color. In some people enamel layer is very thin or became thin due to wear and tear. This leads to visibility of dentin and yellowish color of tooth.

  • Advancing age: Teeth become yellow in color with increasing age which is natural part of getting older.

  • Poor oral hygiene: Poor oral hygiene is among the main causes of yellowing of teeth. Improper brushing and flossing to remove plaque or foods can leave yellow layer on teeth.

  • Disease: Several diseases directly affect enamel and dentin leading to yellowing of teeth. Yellowing can also happen due to treatment of other diseases. For example head and neck radiation and also chemotherapy can result in yellowing of teeth. Also infection in pregnant mother can induce yellow teeth in child during teeth development.

  • Infection: Some bacterial infection forms a biofilm layer on teeth which is yellow in color.

  • Medications: Antibiotics like tetracycline and doxycycline are known to cause yellowing of teeth in children when teeth are developing.

  • Genetic: In some cases yellowing of teeth is genetic in which enamel layer is ill developed displaying dentin beneath.

  • Environment: Excessive concentration of fluoride in food or water can cause discoloration or yellowing of teeth.

  • Foods and drinks: Drinks like coffee, tea, colas, wine foods like apple and potatoes can cause yellowing of teeth. Tobacco chewing or smoking can also result in yellow teeth.


  • Good oral hygiene practice: To prevent happening of yellow teeth its necessary to brush and floss teeth regularly. After taking meals brush your teeth.

  • Use of teeth whitening product: Many teeth bleaching product are available in market which can prevent yellowing of teeth and other oral problems. These teeth bleaching product include chewing gum, mouthwash, toothpastes.

  • Professional teeth whitening procedure can be taken into account when home whitening treatments are not useful. Dentists use many bleaching techniques to remove yellow color of teeth.

  • Drinks like lemon juice can remove yellow coloration of teeth


  • Use good quality toothpaste

  • Brush your teeth regularly

  • Avoid foods or drinks that stain teeth

  • Limit drinking of tea or coffee

  • Stop smoking


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