Year-Round Christmas Tree Decorations

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Christmas TreeWhen spring comes around, it not only means warmer temperatures, trees and flowers budding, and spending more time outdoors, but it means tackling all that spring cleaning that’s been building up all winter. At the top of my list of chores to accomplish was organizing my attic. The amount of stuff that had accumulated up there had grown more than I’d realized (or meant to) and desperately needed to figure out what needed to be kept and what I could happily get rid of to maximize the small storage space.

As I was going through boxes and various stuff, I found in the corner an artificial Christmas tree, a veteran of many past holidays. As I was making progress in reducing the amount of clutter and chaos, it seemed a shame for the tree to remain up here for most of the year. Also, having it downstairs would help conserve what little room the attic affords. Bearing in mind that some people take an eccentric approach to Christmas decorations, I began to consider some ideas on perhaps using the tree for more than just Christmas.

A tree for all seasons

For some people, Christmas doesn’t really end. There are those who enjoy listening to Christmas music at any time during the year, whereas some are known for leaving Christmas lights up all year round or even keeping a room in their homes dedicated entirely to Christmas. Using the tree for more than just Christmas in order to celebrate the holidays throughout the year led me to considering the great variety of creative choices for each season. Here are a few of the ideas I came up with.

  • Spring: When the warmer weather arrives and the weeks of snow and ice have ended, you may feel like celebrating spring’s arrival all by itself, but this time of year has plenty of holidays: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Mardi Gras. You could even do something for Mother’s or Father’s Day, using photos and family-related memorabilia.
  • Summer: The summer months aren’t loaded with a great deal of holidays, but the Fourth of July is a great time to display some patriotic decorations. You can develop a baseball, beach or golf theme, or showcase your enthusiasm for the outdoors and having some fun during the warm weather months.
  • Fall: Halloween is the obvious choice here and with so many Halloween decorations available the possibilities are enormous. Jack o’ lanterns, witches on broomsticks and howling cats can all be part of your decorative scheme. Thanksgiving is also a great choice and your decorations can reflect all the fall colors, including some pine cones and acorns.
  • Winter: This is the easiest of all, and you’ll be ahead of everyone else in getting ready to celebrate the season. During this time of year you can break out all your classic holiday decorations and when the New Year begins you can devise a theme to celebrate it until the spring weather arrives. You could also put together a Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day theme as well.

Nonstop DIY celebrations

Repurposing seems to be something everyone wants to engage in whether it’s to save money, be environmentally conscious, or just plain pragmatic. A year-round Christmas tree takes the idea of repurposing in a new way that you and your family can enjoy for the months beyond December. All you need is a great artificial Christmas tree, which can be used to celebrate the holidays throughout the year. without the need to worry about needles or watering. It’s all a matter of devising some creative ideas that can lead to some great times with your family and make the holidays that much more fun and memorable with your own DIY traditions.

Now that I’ve wrapped up that spring cleaning job, I’m planning to get started on that year-round Christmas tree myself.

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