Why Wypalls? Why are they the Right Choice?

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Wypalls are considered as the right choice as they offer what they claim to…superior cleaning solutions to the users so that one can get highest performance standards in cleaning thereby enhancing the productivity in the place where it is being used. When cleanliness is your top most priority you will go to any extent to get the items that will give you the same. Cloths and rags have been in the scenario since time immemorial but when there is something better than them, why not opt for them? All Wypall Wipers are found to offer excellent cleaning solutions and hence are absolutely safely used in various food applications too.

All Wypalls exhibit great absorption capacity, wet strength and solvent resistance. There are two types of Wypall Wipers…the ones that are for extended use and the ones that are for limited use. Again there are the Wypall wipers, jumbo roll wipers, pop up box wipers to choose from. All of the Wypall Wipers are made in Hydroknit technology with Hydroknit material that comes in absorbent cellulose fibers and are absolutely soft. It is also a strong polypropylene fabric that is non-woven. The cellulose component that is present in the wipers allows the wipers to absorb all the liquids quickly and very efficiently. The polypropylene fabric has the capacity to absorb more grease and oil than its own weight.

7991416294_fdb533c2a2_zThere are a range of Wypall Wipers that are available in order to accomplish wiping tasks that are of heavy duty nature. Just imagine the kind of toughness that one will experience when they are wiping machinery and oily surfaces. All these chores and many other chores can be performed with great ease now with the Wypalls. They will also protect the hands when the person is picking up dirt, metal shavings and grease.

There is another major advantage that one gets while they are using the Wypalls. As each and every wiper can be used it will also take only less space when compared to the same amount of waste rags. There is going to be a significant reduction in the amount of wiping material that will be sent to the landfill. There are many easy access options for dispensing the Wypalls so as to ensure an efficient workplace.

Based upon the kind of chore that is to be done you can make your choice as there is ample selection that is available in the segment. You have to ascertain what the Wypall has to cleanup…water, oil or grease. Whenever there is a heavy duty cleaning chore to be performed it is recommended that you opt for the one that is strong and is popular for heavy duty performance. For instance we have the Wypall X60 wipers which are considered to be ideal for personal wiping and predominantly used in the Healthcare environment and general cleaning purposes. They offer efficiency in hygienic dispensing systems. If you are looking for an option that shows versatility, is hygienic and also economical, then you can definitely opt for a wide range of Wypalls wherein each one has its own distinct application.


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