Why Use A Cosmetic Dentist

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While home-based treatments work temporarily it is better to turn to a professional cosmetic dentist. If you want sparkling teeth you need a cosmetic dentist in San Francisco you can trust.  A cosmetic dentist can help you look your best. The demand for cosmetic dentistry is rising. There are many available options if you select cosmetic dental work and you can work with a cosmetic dentist to find the option that best fits your needs.

The first option with cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. This is also referred to as teeth bleaching. The process brightens your smith and removes any stains or discoloration. Not all teeth can be whitened so it is important that you check with your dentist in question before you agree to the procedure.

Another option you can select when you use a cosmetic dentist, is veneers. Veneers are shells which are made from either composite material or porcelain. They are each custom made and then are cemented to the front of your teeth. They are used to treat conditions such as chipped teeth or discolored teeth. You can also use veneers to treat slightly crooked teeth or to cover spaces you might have in between your teeth.

Implants are another cosmetic dentistry option. Dental implants are metal devices which are designed to place your missing teeth. It is often constructed from titanium. The process requires the implant to be surgically placed into your jawbone where your tooth is no longer. The difference between an implant and a dental bridge is that an implant is permanent. The implant is designed to act just like the tooth root and anchors a bridge or crown or artificial tooth.

When you see a cosmetic dentist, you can also get crowns. Crowns are also known as caps which are customized to fit your teeth. A dentist makes these from porcelain or acrylic and fuses them with metal. This helps them to withstand the pressure from biting. Crowns can be used to fix teeth which are damaged from decay or which are poorly shaped. They can also be used to cover spaces between your teeth or for people with large fillings.

Shaping is a process which a professional can perform. During this process the enamel is either filled or removed to reshape your tooth. The process offers immediate effects and is not painful at all. If you want a procedure which improves the appearance of a badly stained tooth you can use bonding. Bonding places tooth colored material onto your tooth. Another process which a cosmetic dentist can perform is orthodontic treatments. No longer are braces just for kids. As an adult you can turn to a cosmetic dentist and receive treatment for a crooked tooth or a buck tooth.

All of these options can be solved by a highly trained and qualified professional cosmetic dentist San Francisco. The cost for each process varies based on the dentist in question so be sure to ask.


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