Why Is Flossing so Important?

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Aaaaah, dental floss.  Though it is widely known amongst almost everyone how important it is to keep your teeth clean with both brush and toothpaste, there are still many people out there who – for some reason – still don’t understand how important a part of dental hygiene using dental floss is.  Though we’ve never quite understood that, we’ve put together this piece on what makes floss so important, and what it can offer that your brush and toothpaste can’t.

It reaches areas that your brush won’t.  However, effective your toothbrush is, by the nature of its design there are some areas of the mouth it just won’t reach.  Every now and then an advert for a brush will appear on the box claiming that it can root down in between the teeth and get to those tricky spots, but this is largely a marketing ploy and is roundly ignore by dentists.  There is simply no better way to clean right in between your teeth than by unleashing the floss!

It can reduce cavities and general decay.   Cavities in teeth occur when the plaque, bacteria and acid from food wears away the enamel which protects the teeth, leading to the surface decaying.  Because of its ability to scrape away the damaging elements left over from food (especially between the teeth), floss is ideal in helping to reduce the potential of the teeth to decay and develop these cavities.  Really, this is a good enough reason in itself to get down to the shops and buy some!

It can reduce bad breath.  If you like to get out and be social, this is possibly the most important aspect of all.  Whilst bad breath is often something that’s mocked, it can actually be a serious indication of dental problems, so it should be taken seriously, and treated seriously, too.  In combination with a strong mouthwash, flossing can do a great deal to help remove bad breath by removing the food that gets naturally trapped in between the teeth.  This trapped food has a great deal to do with the smell because of how the leftovers break down and release the sulphuric compounds – which is where that odour comes from!

It prevents gum disease.  The primary cause of gum disease is – like poor dental health in general – the plaque which builds up on teeth when they’re not taken care of: plaque which eventually turns into tartar – which can only be removed by trip down to Kool Smiles.  If left without treatment, tartar can then cause periodontal disease, which is the most severe affliction that the teeth can suffer from.  Flossing in between the teeth is the ideal way to help prevent tartar build-up, and so lessen the chance of afflictions like this developing.

It can help reduce the risk of more serious illness.  There is a proven link between oral disease and several other very serious illnesses, such as heart disease, respiratory disease and even diabetes, with the bacteria, left to thrive due to a lack of proper dental care, making its way down both the digestive and respiratory tract into the body’s internals.  Whilst poor oral hygiene isn’t an absolute guarantee of these more serious issues, the link is certainly strong enough that it should be taken very seriously.  If that’s not a reason to get the floss out, we don’t know what is!


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