Why blinking just got a bit more interesting

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An article looking at how women are looking away from false eyelashes and towards lash transplants.

What is it?
An eye lash transplant is a form of cosmetic treatment that inserts new lashes around the eye.
You can have an eye lash transplant regardless of whether you have any eyelashes or not. Initially they were used for people who didn’t have them, for those who suffered from alopecia for example, but more recently they have become more popular for those with eyelashes looking to enhance their natural look. They have also been used for people with burn injuries and those who have needed facial reconstruction.


How does it work?
The surgery can often happen in just one session under a mild sedation. The procedure normally takes 2-3 hours. A sewing technique is used to add a patch of skin to the lash line along with new lashes. Around 30-40 pieces of hair from the back of the head, nape, neck or leg areas are used and are sewn on to the lash line. Some bruising does occur but once this goes away, the result is new or enhanced lashes.

As real hair is used for the transplant, your new eyelashes will continue to grow so you will need to trim and curl them as you have always done so. Once a month is recommended. While curly hair can be used for the transplant, an eyelash curler is often useful post treatment.

Recovery time is very quick. The hairs are transplanted one at a time and it is quite a delicate procedure. Each hair has to be placed in just the right place on the eyelash line at just the right angle to look natural. The number of hairs transplanted does vary depending on the desired density and size requested by the patient.

Three to four days after the procedure and the patient will probably have little crusts around each of the hairs that have been transplanted. There can also be some mild swelling and/or pinkness on the eyelids. Within a week patients are normally able to go back to their normal lives and show no signs of having gone through a procedure. Apart from the new eyelashes of course! Sutures are normally removed after a week. After two weeks the transplanted hairs will fall out and start to grow again naturally within 3 months, after which they will continue to grow for the rest of the patient’s life. It has been reported that 4-7 months after the procedure patients experience thicker and longer lashes so require less mascara.

Is it safe?
A mild sedation is used for the procedure which normally lasts around two hours. By and large the procedure is both safe and simple.

Be aware that an eyelash transplant isn’t considered a “must have” by insurance companies so if you want to have one then you will have to put your hand in your pocket and pay for it. Prices can be in the region of 2-3000. This type of treatment is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and already has many successful advocates in USA and Japan.

Written by Alice Aires, a freelance writer, with an interest in reconstruction treatment for burns victims. Visit this page to find out more about an eyelash transplant.


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