Who Were The Greatest Father and Son Duo In Sports?

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In sports all over the world we often find the offspring of sporting greats hitting the sport world in order to step away from their father’s legend and make it on their own. It must be tricky for these sons of greats, on one hand you have natural ability handed down to you though DNA and on the other you have colossal pressure to emulate your father’s successes.

Many fail to achieve this but there are many who accomplish it with aplomb and even go on to surpass their father’s accomplishments. Let’s take a look then at the top 10 father and son duos to have ever graced sport.

10- John and Jack Elway

9 – Ken Norton Snr and Jnr

8 -Dale Earnhardt Snr and Jnr

7- Stephen and Dell Curry

6 -Yannick and Joakim Noah

5 – Bobby and Brett Hull

4 – Barry and Bobby Bonds

3- Ken Norton Senior and Junior

Ken Norton was a beast inside the boxing ring and his career record of 42-7-1 featured 33 knockouts and a victory over Muhammed Ali which saw him crowned Heavyweight champion of the world in 1973. Norton Snr is widely considered as one of the top 20 pound for pound boxers of all time and his legacy is one of success. His son by the same name did not follow his dad into the boxing ring but chose instead to emulate his success on the football field, something which he more than accomplished. Norton junior was a linebacker who won 3 Super Bowl in a row in the early 90s. Norton Jnr would go on to add another Super Bowl ring to his collection as a coach in 2014.

2 – Ken Griffey Senior and Junior

Griffey senior was quite a player in the 70s and throughout his baseball career he earned three All-Star call ups, wining MVP in one of them and was a key part of the Big Red Machine team with dominated the MLB throughout the 70s. Griffey’s son had a lot to live up to but this didn’t phase him and he would go on to become one of the most exciting players of all time. At the end go Griffey Jnr’s career, he boasted an impressive 630 career home runs and it whilst this may be an impressive number of runs, it was the style in which he did it that will keep him in the memory of baseball fans everywhere.

1 – Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning

To have one successful son is one thing but to have the world’s best QBs as your children is something else, yet that was exactly what happened to Archie Manning. Archie was a solid player who was widely considered as never quite living up to his potential, something which cannot be said about his sons. eli and Peyton are Hall of Famers with 2 Super Bowl rings each and more throwing records between them than you can ever imagine, with genes like that, we can’t wait for the next generation.


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