What’s Your Type? Great Bars to Meet Men in NYC

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For those who don’t keep up with HBO, New York City is loaded with single girls looking for hot and unattached guys, seeking out everything from one-nighters to potential spouses. And in a city with this many young people, the perfect male counterpart is out there, just waiting to be found. Convinced that we can help the single ladies of New York in their man-hunt, we have created a list of bars in NYC that are known for attracting the city’s most eligible bachelors. No matter if you prefer preppy, buff, fashionable or intellectual, this list has someone for every girl – so now you can know where to go to snag your man…or men. We won’t judge.


“The Wall Street Guy”

Are you craving your own Nate Archibald in tailored Armani to show you the finer things in life? Do you love conversations about M&A’s over cocktails, or get goose bumps just thinking about the Upper East Side? If 1% “bad boys” are what you’re attracted to, head on over to Bar Seven Five, conveniently located on Wall Street. The chic wide-open space and dim lighting create the ideal ambiance for mingling. Come here to unwind after a long day, flirt over some of Bar Seven Five’s classic cocktails made with artisanal ingredients, and use your charm to convince the hottest piece in the bar that he’d be better off spending his time balancing your assets. The tables’ communal aspects make for easy conversation starters and securing that ideal white-collar beau.


“The Sports Guy”

Guys who love sports love New York City’s Village Pourhouse. This bar is alive with everything a sports guy needs to survive: dozens of screens of sports entertainment, a large variety of premium beers and high quality bar food. Needless to say, the Village Pourhouse is a watering hole for tons of fun-loving guy’s guys. With its frat-house atmosphere, it’s a great place for casually meeting former jocks and hotties with bodies; you can pull a barstool right next to a cute guy to initiate conversation. Full of music, chatter, and the background noise from the games, the Village Pourhouse is no place to be shy. The boys here can’t resist a girl who likes sports, so put on a jersey of your favorite team, your sexiest smile, and you’ll have no problem finding a fellow Mets fan to commiserate with or a Jeter fan with whom you could grow old bashing the Red Sox with.


“The Indie/Alternative Guy”

Do you daydream of indie, freethinking guys with laidback charm who aren’t afraid to get dirty but will sneak cute poetry into your purse on your way to work the next morning? If so, Happy Ending lounge on the Lower East Side is teeming with hipsters and artist types. An ironic combination of seedy and charming, the place is filled with tacky, sparkling tables, tall horseshoe booths, a ceiling lit up with violet light beams and the loud pumping beats offered by the late night DJs. And for the single ladies out there, this is a perfect mixture for one thing, and one thing only…a wild dance party where you can pin yourself up against a Bon Iver lookalike and make him forget about anything or anyone else on his mind. This sexy, sweaty dance spot promises a plethora of mustache-sporting, tight-jean wearing, ironic t-shirt donning men to choose from.


“The Coolest Cats”

If you want to find the most enigmatic men in the city, Death & Co. offers an atmosphere of creativity and mystery. Dark romance broods in this modern speakeasy lounge. Cold granite, warm velvet, and crystal chandeliers over-head are only a few of the things that make this place so unique. Gourmet food and crafted cocktails by qualified mixologists make for a killer experience. More importantly for you, artists, writers and creatives of all types gather at Death & Co. to hang out in this classic bar environment. The ambient jazz and prohibition-era atmosphere is truly one-of-a-kind, and the no-standing policy ensures that you’ll have the chance to sit yourself across from a true renaissance man; just try not to pinch yourself when you get the creepy feeling he might be too perfect.

Despite the fact that the city has one of the largest populations in the United States, its sheer size and the overabundance of bars and clubs in NY makes it an extremely difficult place for likeminded singles to meet. But the biggest struggle is knowing where to start seeking your ideal man. The bars listed above are not only sure to be loaded with desirable single men, but might just have the right match for your personality. So now that you know where to find him, you just need to go out and get him.

Daniel Hogan is a writer at Party Earth – a global media and entertainment company that publishes reviews and listings of the best social experiences around the world including: clubs in Paris, pubs in London, beaches in Ibiza, plazas in Rome, bars in NYC, festivals and concerts everywhere, and more.


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