What’s Lurking In Your Teeth and Why You Need To Take Care of it

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What's Lurking In Your Teeth and Why You Need To Take Care of itSure, your teeth may look harmless, shining there in your mouth moderately white and straight. Nothing hurts, so you are good to go, correct? Not so fast. The biggest and most dangerous dental problems can be nearly undetectable to the naked eye, at least until the crisis point comes, and a cracked tooth splits down the middle, or some teeth fall out due to gum disease. Waiting to see a dentist until something big goes wrong can cost you a lot of money, but more importantly, your health.


Gum Disease


Probably the most silent and serious problem that lurks unnoticed in your mouth is gum disease. Marked by receding, inflamed, and sometimes bleeding gums, many people ignore the milder symptoms, passing them off as natural aging or a simple case of brushing their teeth too hard. Since gums recede slowly, it’s easy for you to overlook the problem until one day you notice that your teeth look longer. It’s not attractive, frankly, but the bigger concern is what gum disease can do to the rest of your body.


Tooth Decay and Infection


Untreated cavities and impacted wisdom teeth can lead to tooth infection that can also cause serious health problems that appear outside of the mouth. Infected gums and teeth not only cause extensive damage to the teeth and mouth, if untreated, the infection can spread, sometimes actually causing heart damage and an increased risk of heart disease. Untreated infections can also lead to infection in the brain, in certain extreme cases. Losing your teeth can be the least of the consequences of untreated infections.


Preventative Care


Other problems that can lurk in your teeth include extreme tooth decay. Not all cavities hurt, and sometimes the decay happens so quickly that a major problem develops before you know anything is amiss. Regular trips to the dentist help him find these problems quickly and allow him to treat them before more painful and expensive issues occur. You’ll be grateful if your six month checkup saves you from having to have a root canal.


We know, logically, that taking care of our teeth is important, but we often don’t act as if proper dental care is necessary. Too frequently, we treat our teeth cosmetically, worrying about their whiteness more than their health. Real danger lurks in neglected teeth and gums, for adults as well as children. Regular visits to your dentist in Draper, UT, or your dentist in Sandy, UT, can actually save your health and, in some cases, your life.


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