What to Look for When Considering a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery Unit

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Getting a complete mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery unit (MVHR) is not a simple matter for people who feel that they’d benefit from this advanced equipment. The main benefit to a MVHR unit is to reap considerable cost savings over time due to the combined increased air flow through the building or home, and the recovered heat that gets recirculated to reduce heating bills every year. Here are a few things to bear in mind if you are considering installing an MVHR system.

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How to Choose a MVHR Unit

When looking at different models and systems, it can be overwhelming. For instance, some manufacturers put a greater focus on improving air flow and cleaner air, performing best in this area than any other. Another manufacturer will provide a good all-round system that performs adequately in all parts of the system but doesn’t offer the best performance in any one area like heat capture or air ventilation. A third company might have better sensors that turn the right system on/off sooner than competitors, cleaning the air before it becomes noticeably stuffy.

Getting Help Where It’s Needed

When it comes to choosing a MVHR, trying to do it yourself is out of the question. You need to work with a team of professionals who can discuss your needs, will know the best products for different features and can put together a bespoke system that will be perfect.

It doesn’t hurt to educate yourself to become a knowledgeable person on the subject of MVHR units and ventilation systems before discussing the project. This way, you’ll have some insight into what’s involved and can at least understand their suggestions when they explain them in layperson’s terms.

To learn more about what’s involved in selecting the appropriate MVHR units, see this article: https://www.bpcventilation.com/choosing-a-mvhr-unit.

Units vs Property Size

The number of MVHR units required depends on several factors. The size of each room dictates the number of liters of air that gets extracted and heat reclaimed. When the fitted unit is inadequate to the task of collecting warm air in all parts of the room, then the air won’t be cleaned or recirculated as efficiently as it otherwise could.

The typical number of occupants in each room also affects the heat in the room – human beings generate their own heat – which sometimes requires a more powerful unit than expected when higher occupancy occurs in at least part of the day.

For places that have a larger space being ventilated with heat recovery, it’s quite common that two smaller units on either side of the area will perform better than a single, larger unit. A systems creator that specializes in these types of installations can help plan this for you.

Getting a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery unit isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Get help from experienced people to ensure the appropriate equipment is installed to create a fully functionality system.


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