What NOT to Take on Your Luxury Holiday in Mexico

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When you’re packing for a vacation, you only need to pack the essential items and clothes so that you’re not overburdened with excess luggage. This is especially true if you’re staying in one of those luxury villa rentals in Mexico.

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A luxury villa has more features and amenities than what you’d expect from a hotel room, no matter how swanky it may be.

Mexico is a very popular vacation spot for Americans and Canadians, seeing as it’s also in North America. Before you head down south, check your luggage and leave home the following items:

  1. Why would you want to bring fruits anyway? Leave them at home, and just buy fruits in a market in Mexico. It’s illegal to bring in many different types of fruits to this country, anyway and any attempt can end up with a large fine.
  2. Common supermarket items. Some people seem to think that Mexico is a country full of sparsely populated small towns, just because they’ve seen lots of it in movies. But that’s obviously not true, and if you’re living in a luxury villa then these items are all readily available.
  3. Sure you should bring your smartphone, and you can bring your kindle too. But that’s it. Luxury villas tend to have excellent entertainment appliances including large LCD TVs and excellent audio systems. You may even want to inquire if the hosts can put in a gaming console as part of the deal. Of course, if you’re just going to use the electronic entertainment, what’s the point of spending lots of money to go and stay in Mexico? So leave your electronics at home, and try to ignore the electronic entertainment in your villa. You have better things to do that you can’t do at home.
  4. Warm clothes. Sure you can bring a warm sweater or a jacket, but that should be it. It’s warm in Mexico, and in fact you need cool lightweight clothes to feel comfortable here. It is warm all year in this country, and in Cancun during the months of July and August the average temperature can reach 92 degrees. In Puerto Vallarta, it can reach 95 degrees in August and September.
  5. Large amounts of cash. Lots of places here accept credit cards, so there’s no real reason to bring in cash. You’ll just risk having your pockets picked at the airport. If you do need cash, then you can easily find ATMs all over the country.
  6. Diving equipment. In many resorts and beaches, you can find diving gear easily enough. So you don’t need to bring in your own scuba gear, which is quite bulky and heavy. Do the sensible thing and just rent the equipment on the beach.
  7. These things are heavy and easily damaged; so just use an ebook reader like the Kindle. These devices can easily contain up to 10,000 ebooks in its memory, so you can read whatever book you like to suit your mood.
  8. You can bet that a luxury villa will have lots of towels for you to use when you go dipping in the beach or the pool. If you do insist on using only your own towel for whatever reason, then perhaps you should stick to special towels that dry quickly.

Mexico City is a modern metropolis, and that should be obvious once you enter into a luxury villa rental for your vacation. So bring only a few comfy clothes, and leave your valuables at home.

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