What is a white tooth?

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White tooth is a condition where teeth have off-white or brown colored spots or patches all over the tooth. White spot disease should not be confused with other teeth condition where tooth has discoloration or yellowing of tooth. Classic discoloration is represented as uniform change in shade and appearance. Many other tooth disease is also signifies by different color of tooth. So distinction between these colors is absolutely necessary in order to treat different tooth related conditions. Dentists refer this white spot disease also as hypoplasia of enamel or hypocalcification. White tooth is also very common in children.



White discoloration can be caused by various reasons like nutritional problems, genetic disorder or hyper consumption of fluorides. White patches or spots can arise from plaques that deposit on tooth over years and later can leave holes in the areas of tooth where they formed.

  • Hypocalcification: During developmental process white spot can be caused by calcium deficiencies. The patches can be milky white or brown or yellow in color. Sometimes tooth is thin in places or deformed. Permanent molar, front teeth are frequently affected by these conditions.

  • Diet: White tooth often caused by unbalanced diet. Fluorides in excess amount can lead tooth discoloration, a condition also known as Fluorosis. It is common in people who consume water containing high concentrations of fluorides. Source of fluorides in diet are like water, canned fish, brewed tea and edible bones.

  • Braces: Presence of orthodontic braces, person has difficulties during brushing of teeth due to which plaques build up. Plaques contain acids which damages tooth enamel and form cavities.

  • Enamel Hypoplasia: Also known as Turner’s tooth leaves a distinct spot on teeth. It can be caused by disturbance or injury during tooth mineralization and also change in mineral content of teeth. This occurs in childhood and if left untreated can result in deterioration of teeth enamel.

  • Fluorosis: This can also result in white tooth and happens due to ingestion or exposure of teeth to excess amount of fluorides during teeth development.

  • Teeth Deterioration: White spot or discoloration can result in gradual teeth deterioration leading to forming holes in teeth.

  • Foods: Some foods also play a role in white spot of tooth. Some stain-causing foods like coffee. Tea, blueberries, red wine and soy sauce can give white spot to teeth.


A dentist determines whether the whitening of teeth is due to fluorosis, trauma, oral hygiene, braces or because of type of food intake. They also check for the duration of discoloration, plaque, enamel damage for proper health treatment.


Dental Treatment depends upon the cause of white spot.

  • If whitening is due to loss of minerals then mineral treatment can lessen the effect. Loss of minerals can be fortified with eating nutritious food. Calcium and mineral rich food is very much useful.

  • Fluorescent treatment, porcelain laminate, bonding can reduce white spot of teeth.

  • In some cases bleaching helps reoming white spots


  • Brush your teeth regularly or after meals

  • Avoid using whitening agents

  • Rinse your mouth with mouthwash

  • Consult your doctor if necessary

White tooth is very common in children and also in adults. Proper care of teeth can help stop this condition.


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