What happens when you feel uncomfortable in hearing?

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Hearing loss may occur at the time of birth or in later stages or due to aging.  It may occur due to disease in the middle ear, infections or problems in the auditory nerve.  It is either unilateral or bilateral. The extent of hearing loss is described as mild, moderate, severe and profound.  It must be identified before 6 months for an infant as it may affect the child’s speaking ability. For adults it must be known at an early stage in order to reduce the severity. It can be known by several ways. The person may feel difficult in understanding others conversation. The affected person may keep the television volume higher. There may be pain or continuous buzzing noise inside the ear. When such problems arise it is necessary to meet the audiologist to test your ears.

Effects of Hearing Loss:

The person who loses the hearing ability in later stages feels more uncomfortable. When the person feels uncomfortable in hearing, he/she may get depressed due to inability to speak like others. They may also feel isolated when they cannot understand or interfere with discussions. They may be affected psychologically and get mental depression. It affects daily life due to frustrations.  The uncomfortable person will lack in concentration which affects his/her daily work. In case of adults, they face problems in watching television or listening to music, attending a phone call, inability to hear sound of alarms and much more. They miss all small happiness and things in their life, leading to stress and anxiety.  In case of a child, they lose their speaking ability, which makes the parents struggle to make them learn and communicate to lead a normal life.

Testing Methods and Solutions:

When a person realizes the hearing loss, he/she should undergo tests to know the extent of hearing ability. There are several types of hearing tests to check the audibility. An audiometer is used to check the sensitivity to hear at different frequencies. The test is undergone in a sound proof room by wearing a headphone to avoid outside sounds.  The hearing test differs from infants, older child and adult. Proper analysis helps to find the right solution for it. The problems can be rectified, as there are lots of hearing aids that help to improve the sensitivity to hear, depending on the degree of loss.  Hearing aids are of different styles and types like – in -the ear, in-the canal, behind the ear and extended wear hearing aid. The behind the ear aid is not right for children.

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