What Can We Do To Prepare For A War With North Korea

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Tension on the Korean peninsula, appears to be creeping the region closer to war as the leadership of North Korea threatens to turns rhetoric into reality. The communist hermit nation has systematically cut off official telephone contact to the Republic of South Korea beginning with the fail-safes phones designed to avert war. With North Korea’s young leader, Kim Jong-un, exhorting his people to “Prepare for War!” it behooves us to ask ourselves how we can best prepare our families for a war against North Korea.


For observers on the home front, it’s doubtful that they would need to run out and build a bomb shelter anytime soon. Although much of the north’s missile and nuclear capabilities are shrouded in secrecy, it’s generally understood that their missiles lack the range for hitting targets in the continental United States, and the critical technology required for arming those missiles with nuclear tips eludes them.


As such, perhaps the greatest threat from North Korea, directly on the United States, will come from the military computers of the North Korean Reconnaissance General Bureau. Under that rather benign sounding bureaucratic moniker toils thousands of, increasingly, sophisticated cyber-hackers that have been blamed for frequent attacks on South Korean political, financial, and cultural centers with everything from denial of service attacks to the introduction of harmful malware viruses.


For American citizens, worst case scenarios would witness North Korean hackers taking control of electrical grids, transportation networks, and utility plants across the United States. That said, perhaps the best thing you can do to prepare for war with North Korea is to make sure that your anti-virus is up to date.


Regardless, as precautionary measures, your family’s preparation for war with North Korea should entail a certain amount of stockpiling. As such, your home should have a supply of emergency provisions that will get you through the days following a successful North Korean cyber attack that has disrupted normal services:


• Food and Water. You should stockpile a minimum of three days worth

• Plan on using one gallon of water per person each day

• Likewise, a three day supply of food should be stored

• Included should be a manual can opener for food.

• A radio, along with plenty of flash lights

• Spare batteries.

• First Aid Supplies

• Local maps

• Wrench to turn off disabled utilities

• Prescription medications/Glasses

• Pet food/pet medication

• Cash/Travelers Checks


These basic disaster supplies should enable you and your family to ride out any attack by North Korean cyber-hackers. As they say, hope for the best and plan for the worse. Check out what America can do to protect us with their military computers from www.steatite.co.uk.


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