Various Cooking Equipments Used In Asian Cuisines

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Every good cuisine requires a strict attention on the things with which the food is prepared. Suppose you are mad about the Asian cuisine. Then you should love the various cooking equipments that are used to make the Asian foods. It is generally seen that people thought that good Asian foods only need one equipment, and that is a wok, but there are several other things. If you are addicted to the making of the food, you must check out some of the well known Asian cooking equipments.

Various Equipments

To start with the very basic, the wok holds a special position among the cooking equipments used for Asian food items. In the conventional Chinese families, the wok was made, generally of two things- either of steel or, heavy iron. And there are also two handles concave in shape. The wok is used for other purposes too-like pan frying or, deep frying, stir frying or, steaming so on and so forth. This will be the most important cooking equipment for you if you are dealing with the Asian cuisines. This is important to keep the wok well oiled always to prevent drying out and rust. All the people enthusiastic about Asian cuisine must keep this information in their mind.

After wok, now comes the turn of the clay pot. Most of the families belonging to the Asian continent consider the clay pot to be a staple piece which is a different version of the stew pot used. But there is a slight difference. The Asian clay pot is handles in a more traditional way and it is kept on the top of the stove instead of inside the oven which is to be found in case of the English pot. The design and the inner arrangement of the clay pot is such that it helps to keep the foods hot enough for a long time. Suppose the time of dinner has past. But you do not need to worry as the clay pot is designed in such a way that it keeps the foods well hot and steaming.

Next is the turn of steamer. Generally, steamers are available in the market in a wide range of sizes starting from around 6 inches of diameter to the 12 inches. Bamboo is the main thing with which the traditional steamers are made of in the Asian countries. So, it contributes in the enhancement of the beauty of the entire thing. One of the greatest benefits given by the Asian steamers is that you can use more than one single layer at one particular time which in turn contributes in the variety of the dishes which can be served and cooked from one steamer.

Last but not the least, the Asian cooking Cleaver needs a special mention in this context which is used for several cooking and preparation tasks. The main thing with which the cleavers are made of is heavy steel and it is this heavy steel for which cleaver can easily cut through the bones. It can serve both the purposes-it can easily go through the bones and it can be used to cut the vegetables and to give them various shapes.

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