Celebrates Arrival Of Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarettes With Discounts

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November 29, 2012 – After great anticipation, the parent company of V2Cigs, VMR has released a brand new line of electronic cigarettes known as the Vapor Couture. This new line of electronic cigarettes the first and one of its kind electronic cigarettes exclusively designed for women. This new electronic cigarette design is ultra thin, elegant and sexy looking. The line itself comes with four different battery designs that boast four shades of color and pattern designs. The look makes ideal for any woman who is now a full time user of an electronic cigarette.

Vapor Couture is already released and making a huge impact in the market. Review site,, led by Tatiana Rodriguez, has labeled it one of the best and most unique electronic cigarettes in the market. The review panel at consists of mostly ladies and they themselves have marked Vapor Couture as the number one choice for any lady who is looking forward to quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes.

The Vapor Couture line of cigarettes launched with four distinct and gorgeous colors and designs with matching cartridges. The four color launched are deep purple, platinum, VC logo pattern and rose gold. Each of the electronic cigarette design is tipped on its front with an elegant looking crystal LED light. This light glows every time the cigarette is puffed. The launch of Vapor Couture also brings four unique flavors that appeal to women. These flavors include cool menthol, two classic and rich tobacco flavors and sweet passion fruit. In addition to that, just like any other electronic cigarette, the strength of the cartridge can be adjusted when it is ordered. There are four strengths available, full, medium, light and or full.

But this is not all why thinks this is the best thing in the electronic cigarettes industry for woman. The electronic cigarettes come with unique and beautiful line of accessories that is both convenient and eye catching. ‘’I personally love the VC clutch addition to the line of these unique accessories. It helps me hold five different flavored cartridges and two electronic cigarettes’’, add Tatiana. The Vapor Couture has also introduced accessories such as a bracelet with signature charm. Each of the accessories is designed so that they match the electronic cigarette design in terms of color and shades. Vapor Couture has promised to add in not only new flavors to pick from, but also new accessories during this winter holiday season. review panel has been so moved by the new electronic cigarettes that they are recommending it to every other woman out there. In order to get women into trying out the electronic cigarette, will also be offering 15% discount coupons on their website. In her final statement, Tatiana added ‘’I am really happy that someone in the electronic cigarettes market thought about us women. This is a revolutionary product and it should be picked up by all women who are tired or smoking and want to quit with the help of an electronic cigarette’’.


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