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No one ever plans on finding themselves in the midst of a legal conflict. The vast majority of the population would be content to live their entire lives free of legal challenges of any kind. Unfortunately life doesn’t always work out that way. If you are a resident of Utah, and are facing the daunting task of filing a legal claim, having the right attorney on your side will make all the difference. The attorneys of Fillmore Spencer Law Group in Provo, UT have set the standard for filing legal claims in Utah. Fillmore Spencer Law offers free consultations to Utah residents concerning a wide scope of legal services which the firm specializes in, including:

  • Litigation & Appeals
  • Estate Planning & Elder Law
  • Business Law
  • Family Law
  • Government Contracts
  • Human Resources & Employment Law
  • Accident and Injury Claim
  • Bankruptcy Constitution Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property (Trademarks & Copyrights)
  • Real Estate
  • Divorce Mediation

Fillmore Spencer Law LLC

Fillmore Spencer LLC was formed in 2004 after a merger of two well-known Utah County law firms, Fillmore Belliston Sheffield Madsen & Stubbs and Spencer Smith & Card. As a result of the merger the firm greatly expanded their capabilities to meet the broader needs of their growing clientele. This merger created the most prestigious law firm in Utah County. If you are looking for a law firm that can win your case, and get you the settlement you deserve, Fillmore Spencer is the firm for you. Currently, the firm has 14 Provo Attorneys to provide a more centered legal representative to its clients. No matter what area of law your case is in, Fillmore Spencer has an experienced legal attorney with solid experience in that field.

Experience You Can Trust

While Fillmore Spencer represent many large national and international corporations and businesses, their practice is by no means dominated by large clients. Fillmore and Spencer relish assisting small and emerging business clients in their growth and development stages. FS also enjoys counseling individuals in their personal investment and business transactions. Attorneys of FS have years of experience in serving large and sophisticated clients, and this experience enables their clients to enjoy quality legal services akin to those provided by major firms in large metropolitan areas.

Affordable Representation

For many individuals looking to pursue a case the biggest concern is the cost. Any case worth pursuing is worth pursuing right, and having a qualified, experienced attorney on your side is the best way to ensure the success of your case. The Fillmore Spencer Law firm assures their potential clients of “low fees.” The company further stresses that clients under tight budget can opt to pay their fees via non-traditional payments in appropriate circumstances. Apart from the non-traditional payments, the law firm also accepts credit card payments. Fillmore Spencer will work with you on every aspect of your case, from financing to filing.

“Our fees range significantly lower than those in the metropolitan areas” this is according to the law firm published statement.

In an effort to keep their fees low, the FS Law firm also offered free legal services (pro-bono) to America’s Freedom Festival in Provo for seven years now. According to their site, their firm together with its attorney’s also provides leadership and service to their community for years now. No matter what your legal needs are, the attorneys at FS Law in Provo can provide you with the counsel you deserve.




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