Use Photographs To Create Special Memories For Mother’s Day

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Throughout your life people will have taken photographs of happy memories and special occasions. Why not use these to create extra-special personalised gifts such as mugs, cards, T-shirts and photo books for the ones you love, to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other important days.

Photographs From Childhood:
Whether your childhood photographs are yellowing at the corners and stashed in a tin in your garage or stored digitally on the latest memory sticks and external storage devices, using them to create unique gifts adds a personal touch to a birthday or Mother’s Day. Why not create a personalised mug for Father’s Day, or a T-shirt for a sibling’s birthday. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to use your photography skills to create a photo book online, add your own text and images and you will have a truly beautiful and unique gift! Funny images from childhood holidays or trips to the beach make a great addition to a mug or apron for a special birthday, or why not treat yourself to a personalised mug with a picture of your little angels on the front!

Personalised Gifts:
Personalised gifts are great for any occasion, but for loved ones who live further away, you could consider a personalised card. There are many websites available where you can add your own text and images to cards for birthdays and other occasions and some even offer the option to create your own card from scratch. Of course, you don’t have to add pictures of yourself or your recipient to the card, you are limited only by your imagination and you could use a picture of their favourite animal, hobby, event in their life or something else meaningful. Take the time to put some thought into creating a personalised gift or card and it is sure to be appreciated.

Shop Around:
There are so many websites offering a range of gifts which can be personalised, from mugs, duvet covers and aprons to hats, T-shirts and sweatshirts there is sure to be something to suit even the fussiest recipient. Add a funny slogan and photograph of yourself to a mug to ensure you will be the first thing on their mind when they reach for their morning coffee! If your grandmother’s favourite thing in life is her cat, why not choose a few home accessories with the cat on, such as an apron and a tea towel? Mother Day Cards are made all the more special with the addition of a photograph from the past, whether it is of a family day out, holiday on the beach or simply a cute baby photograph, it is the thought that counts!

Whichever photographs you choose for your personalised gifts, put some thought into them. You can use photos from the past or shoot some new images that will mean something to the gift’s recipient. Look online for inspiration and try to choose gifts that are thoughtful and useful. If your friend is a coffee addict, choosing a new mug for them with an appropriate picture would be a perfect idea!

Jane Watson is a Freelance Writer and Photographer from East London. She regularly uses websites such as to order personalised cards and will be shopping there for her Mother’s day card this year!


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