Understanding When It’s A Dental Emergency And Who To See

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Everyone knows that an emergency is unpredictable, especially a dental emergency.  There are individuals however that believe they have a dental emergency when it isn’t.  Knowing what constitutes a dental emergency and who to see is important and one should know an emergency dentist professional.

When it comes to dental emergencies there are some that are without question that would require seeing an emergency dentist facility.  An avulsed tooth for instance.  This is when a tooth, including the root is knocked out of its socket an individual should see a dentist promptly.  It’s not common knowledge but if an individual who experiences an avulsed tooth see the dental professional within an hour and has the tooth in hand, the dentist may be able to save the tooth.  However, if the patient is experiencing severe or unstoppable bleeding, the dental professional would recommend going to the nearest emergency medical facility.

Pain is often thought of as a dental emergency, but pain is a symptom of a dental condition that would need to be addressed by a dental professional but doesn’t mean that it has to be right then.  Since dental pain varies in its severity, the degree of pain can be a factor to warrant a dental emergency.  However, most individuals who experience dental pain often reach for the OTC pain relievers and ignore the fact they need to see a dentist.  The over the counter pain relievers will be a temporary fix but without seeing a dental professional the condition cannot be treated.

Severe and sudden pain is most likely a sign of infection where the tooth’s nerves are located and would warrant seeing an emergency dentist professional in Austin.  The dentist would first make one comfortable by alleviating the pain before addressing the cause of it.  In some cases it’s necessary for patients with an infection to be on antibiotics before the actual treatment which is usually a root canal but sometimes an extraction.

Although when most individuals experience dental pain, in any degree, they believe they have a dental emergency when in fact their condition can be treated with an at home remedy suggested by the emergency dentist office until they can be seen.  This doesn’t mean that the professional doesn’t want to treat you or your condition doesn’t matter, it just doesn’t warrant an emergency spot.

There are some individuals who experience dental pain that will go to their local emergency room or urgent care facility.  These facilities may help alleviate the pain but they would refer them to follow up with their dental professional, as they don’t staff dentist.  It’s best  to know which emergency dentist office is available in your area.

Emergency dentists have same day appointments, early appointments, and late appointments, as well as, on call assistance when they’re not in the office to assist those who experience a dental emergency.

You just never know when you may need an emergency dentist Austin treatment, but knowing where to go can be advantageous.


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