Understanding the Basics of Family Law

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The branch of family law concerns itself with anything legal relating to the family unit and its relationships. Firms like Marrison Family Law deal with anything from divorce to civil unions and from surrogacy to child neglect. All over the world, the need for specialists in family law has increased tremendously, and not just because there has been an increase in the number of divorces. Added to that, many family law firms now deal with mediation, helping people to either reconcile or come to an uncontested divorce situation.

What Sets Family Law Apart

Family law is different to other fields of law because of its sensitivity. These lawyers must have real people skills, having to act as mediators and dealing with situations that touch mainly on emotions. Laws do not govern how people feel, after all. Additionally, the laws that govern this field are highly complex, mainly because they are based on societal norms. The issue of same sex marriage is a prime example of this. In certain parts of the world, same sex marriage is fully legal. In other parts of the world, only civil partnerships are. And then there are parts of the world where it is completely illegal.

New Trends in Family Law

The issue of same sex marriage is one that is changing the law very rapidly, even in this country. Some states have legalized it, whereas others have not. Similarly, there is the issue surrounding transgender laws, particularly now that President Donald Trump has banned transgender people from serving in the army.

But those are not the only big changes in family law, however. Another one is “collaborative law”, which focuses on resolving disputes in an amicable manner. While it may seem like common sense for lawyers to focus on collaboration and amicable resolutions, the reality is that this is something very new. In fact, in the past, people tried to resolve issues amicably between themselves, seeking out legal assistance when there was no other option. Today, lawyers will try to push for these types of resolutions, negotiating between family members and counseling them so that they do not have to go to court.

Indeed, avoiding court is perhaps the greatest development of all. The reason for this is not just financial (courts cost a lot of money), but mainly that, when a family has to go to court, one person wins and the other loses. Through collaborative law, however, compromises are found in which everybody wins.

Many people who seek out help from a family law firm and hear about collaborative law believe it will never work. That is because individuals are still of the attitude that lawyers are called in when there is nothing else to it but to get the courts involved. Yet, good lawyers will always try to mediate, even if it is through the lawyer of the other party. And, most of the time, they are successful in this, getting everybody around the table and coming up with a resolution that is satisfactory for all parties.

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