Tricks for Making the Best Espresso At Home

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Are you an espresso enthusiast? If you answer is in the affirmative, then this article will give you a proven secret of how to enjoy your hot cup even better. Before I let you into my little secret, it is important to mention that espresso is an extraction from top quality java with the use of a certain machine. The extraction is made by the way of following sequential instructions, depending on the espresso machine in use. The secret is predictable – if you want to enjoy a quality cup of espresso, just learn to make one yourself.

At this point, we are assuming that you have the right espresso machine according to your requirements. This is in terms of bar pressure, the material of the boiler, the scale of the water container, the type of design and so forth. You are also supposed to have with you the Arabica beans or any other espresso brand of your liking. When buying beans to make your cup of espresso, remember that the essence of a quality cup is the cream in it. That said, it would be time to make a real cup.

First things first, after buying your coffee beans, you will need to grind them to achieve a fresh taste and a fine texture. However, you can also opt for pre-ground varieties. Here, you will need to work towards the finest texture possible, as much as your grinder can allow you. Conventionally, a grinder with smaller numbers will give a finer grind so check out the best for your intended type of machine.

Secondly, you will have to pour cold and clean water into the espresso machine’s water container and ensure that the boiler is safely capped. Conventionally, a shot of espresso will require about one ounce. Having this in mind and depending on the amount of espresso that you want, use an ounce for your every shot. However, this will depend on the machine in use, as certain machines allow users to make up to four shots at once.

Next, you will have to place your coffee basket into the filter holder and the place the ground java into it. The filter that you are using should have a particular measure or some sort of scale to indicate the amount of espresso that you will be making. What follows is the tamping of the ground coffee with a tamper – if your machine comes with one. Here, you will want to carry out various experiments to get the finest results. What you must have in mind is that the application of excessive tamping may hinder proper flowage of water. If it happens that the water is dripping through your port-filter, this indicates that the grounding of the beans was very thorough or too much tamping.

Next, place the given carafe under the machine’s spout and then turn the espresso unit on. Follow the instructions on the machine. The machine will heat the water that you filled to your specified temperatures and then force it through the ground coffee. If your machine does not come with a carafe, then a cup will be the next option. Turn on the brewing knob and make yourself an awesome cup of espresso.


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