Top Ways E Cigarettes Will Change the Tobacco Industry

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No matter how many times people hear that smoking kills, people still do it. The tobacco industry is one of the biggest around the world. This is simply due to the addictive substance nicotine. Many people don’t get success from patches and gums because they don’t ease the need for the daily motion of having a cigarette. This is where e cigs come in. People feel like they have a cigarette in hand and still get their nicotine fix. This could really change the tobacco industry.


  1.     There’s No Need for Cigarettes: With a healthier way to smoke, people can start looking at the e cigs instead of normal ones. Cigarettes are more popular than pipes and chewing tobacco for various reasons and it could cause the tobacco industry to completely collapse should e cigarettes take over. In fact, since the introduction of e cigarettes last year, tobacco sales have dropped considerably more than in previous years.
  2.    The Tobacco Industry Could Start Selling E Cigs: As a way to combat the falling sales, the tobacco industry needs to move in the direction of the people – the sale of e cigs. However, there is a wonder whether they will lead to e cigs have some form of tobacco stuck in there to help keep the sales of tobacco up. Only time will tell to see whether e cigs will just be another product on the market.
  3.    The Tobacco Industry Will Target Different Groups: With law restrictions on tobacco products, such as age restrictions, the tobacco industry has been limited to the people it can target. Since the e cigs have no tobacco in them, it leads to targeting a different audience. There is more risk of children being targeted since they can legal buy the products. This runs the risk of smoking looking cool to the younger generations, especially with limited health risks.
  4.     The Tobacco Industry Will Move Online: There is a large market for buying e cigs online. This is completely legal since there is no tobacco in the products. The tobacco industry could make up for the shortfall in tobacco sales by selling some of their products online and reaching out to a larger audience – even an international one! On top of that, they will be able to sell for less so more people will be able to afford to buy.

The e cigarettes will change the tobacco industry completely. As the sales of cigarettes decreases, people have to find more ways to help make the tobacco industry profit. The only way to do that is to move with the times and offer the products that people are buying. They have the chance to move online and sell to younger people, which may not be a benefit to the people at all!

Author bio:

This guest post was written by Simon Hopes, a product reviewer. She has tried out many different e cigs to find the best electronic cigarette brand on offer, according to taste, affect and price.


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