Top Tips for Starting up a Jewellery Business

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Starting a homemade jewellery business can be a very social and creatively rewarding experience, but it is still important to seek and follow sound marketing advice if you want your business to be as profitable as possible. And, beyond the legal requirements that any business needs to operate in the UK, here are some tips for the success of your new venture.

Get to Know Your Audience

This is the first step for any successful business and once you have decided on your niche, any decisions after this will be much more straightforward. And, while women generally are more interested in jewellery than men, their tastes will differ depending on their social class, age, fashion tastes and so forth. As such, your business will be more successful if you narrow this audience to a more specific customer base of maybe one or two groups (mothers, office professionals, and so forth) and stock your shop or online marketplace with products that reflect this choice. Using beads for necklaces or bracelets are one great way of making quality homemade jewellery.

Also consistently review the latest fashion trends magazine or online such as Vogue, Attire Accessories, Marie Claire to keep you in the know and you can make the pieces fit with the latest trends. You don’t want to be making something that is out of fashion!

It’s All About Online

While the traditional shop or market used to be the primary place to sell jewellery, the internet allows for your business to function out of the spare room in the house or garage making it a cost-effective option until your business out grows your house.

Websites, like eBay or Amazon, are a fabulous resource that are a very cheap way for businesses to sell any type of product, and as your recommendations increase over time, so will the flow of traffic.

You can also set up an individual website that, with the right SEO and social media strategy, will soon have you running to and from the post office on a daily basis to answer another order. Using social media networks like Instagram or Pinterest to promote your jewellery pieces, is a great way to get your pieces seen by a wider audience, plus don’t forget to blog about your glamorous pieces.

However with having a website, blog, social media presence, the branding and so forth needs to be consistent and reflect your chosen audience and there is a wealth of information readily available online that can guide you through this process.

Another way to use the internet is to look for potential jewellery wholesalers and approach them to see if they would like to stock your homemade pieces. You can also use wholesalers to add additional stock to increase your offers to your customers.

Head to the Markets and Events

You will find that many people come to these market places with the intention of buying exactly your form of product and they should be taken advantage of. For, beyond selling your wares, these are great social events that will allow you to network with other people and find out about similar events such as the Great Yorkshire Show that have a high footfall over the 3 day event.

As you can see there are many ways to sell your jewellery pieces, and whatever route you decide to focus on, this can be a very profitable venture. However, a solid foundation is vital to ensure the success of any business and, in this case, a reliable and cost-effective company that sells quality products everything else will fall in to place.

It may also be worth taking a look at other resources such as they have a number of great resources and jewellery courses that will help you improve your business. Another way is to do your own research on Google.

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