Top 7 Major Tech Trends

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When it comes to the IT industry, cloud systems have undoubtedly grown a lot over the past several years – they are affordable, convenient, fast and they can store an immense amount of data. As a matter of fact, cloud storage has changed the way people do business in the online environment, and in this article you will get a closer look at some of the main changes and their impact on cloud system providers and the IT industry overall.

1. The Continuous Growth Of Cloud Services

As many IT professionals believe, it is expected that up to 9 out of 10 IT applications will be delivered with the help of cloud services, in the near future. These services will mainly benefit small and medium enterprises, they will stimulate collaboration between businesses and they are expected to boost employee performance as well.

This trend has a direct impact on the IT industry, as it will determine it to analyze the business functions and how they use cloud-based services, in order to come up with improved features and functions in the near future. In addition to this, another outcome will be the appearance of alternative security systems coupled with competencies designed for advanced analytics.

2. Mixed Functionality

If most small businesses will rely on cloud services in the future, it must be mentioned that larger corporations will rely partly on cloud-based services and partly on homegrown IT solutions. The percentages vary, but the latter solution is believed to be the main source for large enterprises.

This blended functionality will result in newer cloud platforms, even hybrid platforms that will have a direct impact on independent software vendors which will struggle to rise to the expectations and requirements of these new platforms.

3. New Ways To Store And Manage Information

Given this boom in the field of cloud computing, OEMs and cloud service providers will get new and more efficient ways to store and manage their information. This will be done based on certain factors, such as the specific business use or seasonality. This aspect will allow OEMs and CSPs to make better use of their resources.It is a known fact that some sectors require higher storing performance during the holiday season or during the summer season, this is why this trend in information management will arise in the near future.

As a direct consequence of this trend, the profile of different businesses will be contoured a lot easier and it will be better for cloud service providers and their partners to understand how these businesses behave and what services do they need, in order to come up with a wider array of services.

4. Reduced Number Of Customers

The IT trends mentioned above may cause some high-tech corporations to lose some customers in the long run. On the other hand, independent service vendors can also switch to the well-known software-service business, and their chances to attract the customers lost by high-tech corporations are considerably improved.

It is obvious that the outcome of this trend will be a severely affected sales team, which will have to adapt their skills and to offer a greater price-quality relationship in order to maintain their customers in the long haul. They will have to leverage their tech using various cloud service providers. Since they come in direct contact with cloud service providers, the members of the sales team will have to develop and achieve a new set of technical skills.

5. A Closer Look At Customization And Standardization

Standardization is an aspect used by most of the largest corporations due to the fact that it generates most sales (and this is normal when you operate on a large scale), but at the moment, more and more customers are looking for customization rather than standardization. This need will determine both independent software providers and cloud service providers to work together and come up with a solution that combines these two aspects.

6. The Mobile Application Market Will Boom

Given the rise of cloud computing services, it is expected that the application stores will deliver more and more mobile apps that will benefit the consumer. These particular apps will be certified, but they will either be built inside the corporation on the company’s private cloud platform, or then will be provided by independent software vendors.

When this boom will take place, software developers and other IT professionals will automatically improve the access and the security of these applications. Moreover, the applications will also be customized and aimed at certain demographics, based on criteria like the use of the application, the age group or the nature of their job.

7. The Add-Value Perspective Will Change Dramatically

Not only the cloud service providers, but also the independent software vendors will look at the add-value with totally different eyes, and they will come up with tailored cloud-based services that support advanced services from certain industries. The consequence of this trend will be a closer collaboration cloud service providers and ISVs, this is basically a win-win situation where both industries get to improve their performance and to increase the availability of their applications.


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