Top 6 Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious and Sophisticated

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It’s easy to feel a tinge of envy when you get a peek inside the luxury residences of your friends. Admittedly, trying to get the same things for your home will cost you a pretty penny, and not everyone can afford it. On the other hand, it’s actually not all that difficult or costly to make your home look and feel luxurious on a shoestring budget.

Here are some improvements that won’t cost you a fortune and yet make it seem like you spent a lot of money decorating your home:

  1. Hide your TV. Having a huge TV as the centerpiece of your living room can be convenient, but it doesn’t exactly add to the level of sophistication you may want for your home. That’s why the rich either put their TVs in a special entertainment room, or they have high tech cabinets that keep their TVs out of sight even in their bedrooms.

However, you can achieve the same effect simply by keeping your TV from becoming the centerpiece of a room. You can create an art gallery wall, so that people can focus on your art instead of your TV. Or you can create an arrangement of art all around the TV, so that the screen “disappears” in the artwork. This can be done on the cheap with art from thrift markets.

  1. Pick big pieces of art. It’s not the quality of the art that will catch people’s attention, as most people aren’t art aficionados. You have to pick large pieces to really catch their eye. In this case, size actually does matter.
  2. Pick the right wall paint colors. There are two ways to go about painting your walls. You can either pick a dramatic and bold color, or go for understated elegance and choose soft tones. Either way, you just need to make sure that your paint is always in impeccable condition.
  3. Use crown moldings. One of the ways that rooms in luxury homes look different is in the details. That’s why the seemingly innocuous crown molding has such a dramatic impact on a room. It can make a room look finished and stately right away. Look at a room in which the crown molding has been removed, and somehow it looks unfinished and shabby.

The nice thing about crown moldings is that they’re relatively affordable, and that’s especially true if you go with the plastic types that you can paint over. Just pick the widest trim you can afford. If you have the budget for it, you can even go all out and get other types of moldings such as ceiling beams, columns, and high baseboards.

  1. Avoid clutter. A cluttered room with lots of accessories may seem homey, but you won’t really call it sophisticated. The problem with cluttered rooms is that often the homey effect is overpowered by the mess and disorganization. So go the other way and simplify. Get rid of the clutter. Retain only the accessories that have deep meaning for you, and that way they will shine in your chic, uncluttered room.
  2. Mix different textures. Even with a modest budget, your home can feature a varied mix of textures that include wood, glass, metals along with leather and other textiles. Mixing materials and textures gives your home a sophisticated customized look, and your space seems much more inviting.

So don’t despair, with just a few tricks, you can make your home look a lot more elegant than ever before.




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