Top 5 Soccer Leagues In The World

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Association football, also referred to as soccer or simply football is undoubtedly the world’s most popular sport. This has been proved by statistics which reveal that in today’s world, the number of soccer players and fans surpass the number players and fans of any other sport by far. The vast population interested in football has led to the creation of innumerable leagues. This makes it arduous for an average football fan to pick a few favorite leagues.

However, there are a few leagues that offer more football action. As such they have a huge following, rank highly and are recognized around the world. Pore over the following typewrite and get acquitted to the top 5 soccer leagues in the world.

Top Soccer Leagues

#1. English Premier League (England)

Football in England is well known for its devoted fans, the majestic stadiums and the world class players. It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise when English premier league is ranked as the world’s best soccer league. It boasts of widely known football teams which include Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool and many more.

The world class players playing for the teams include house hold names like Robin Van Persie, David Silva, Theo Walcott, Sergio Aguero and many more. EPL offers nothing less than drama, action, skill and obviously, surprises.

#2. La Liga (Spain)

La Liga, translated to The League, is the top football league of Spain’s Liga Nacional de Futbol Professional (LFP). Spanish La Liga was started in the late 1920’s and is well known for the two powerhouse teams; Barcelona FC and FC Real Madrid. It’s endowed with sharp, fast-paced strikers such as Messi and Christiano Ronaldo who have both broken goal scoring records.

The league has a depth that is quite shocking. The top positions are not dominated by certain football clubs as teams like Valencia, Athletico Madrid, Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao have great chance to muscle out the two powerhouses. And, based on humble opinion of the author of this article, Barcelona and Real Madrid have best designed soccer uniforms on the world.

#3. Bundesliga (Germany)

German Bundesliga, the main soccer league in Germany, was formed in 1963, boasts a credible fan base of approximately 42,000 fans per match. Though FC Bayern Munich has been dominating the league for some time, clubs like Borussia Dortmund have come up in the recent past an offered tough competition. World class players such as Frank Ribery, Arjen Robben, Huntelaar and the upcoming Robert Lewandowski provide hours of total football action. Bundesliga boasts of the most passionate football fans in the world.

#4. Serie A (Italy)

The Italian Serie A has football giants like Roma, Ac Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan. Some of the great players within it ranks include Daniele De Rossi, Kaka, Wesley Sneidjer, Jovetic and Edson Cavani. We can’t forget to mention that Serie A has a notable number of classic players who have mastered the art and grasped the skills of football. They include Totti, Buffon, Pirlo and Chiellini.

#5. French Lique 1

The French Lique 1 has a few notable football clubs which offer strong competition in the Champions League. This includes PSG, Lyon and Marseille. Though still young, with names like Ibrahimovic, Lavezzi, Thiago Silva, Remmy and Mandanda, the league can grow to becoming a renowned league in the world.

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