Top 5 Best Online Puzzle Games

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snail bob gamePuzzle fans rejoice, for in the following article we will be presenting five of the best online puzzle games. Much like brain games, puzzle games try to work with logic, cognitive skills, physics skills and awareness. In the past, there were only so many puzzle games, hence the impact that Rubik’s Cube had on the media when it first appeared. Today, there literally hundreds of puzzle games online, but we will only be mentioning five of the best. Before we start the countdown we want to add that all the games posted in the list can be played directly from the browser, and they are 100% free.

3D logic is a game developed by Alex Matveev, and it was inspired from the Rubik Cube. Although most games which have drawn inspiration from it were quite boring, this one has managed to win the hearts of puzzle lovers worldwide. Unlike the Rubik cube, you only have a certain number of squares filled, and you will have to solve the puzzle by putting the same colors together.

This is without a doubt the most addictive puzzle game ever, and we truly advise you not to try it if you want to keep your sanity. All jokes aside, Loops of Zen is an awesome, yet extremely simple looking game in which you have to manipulate shapes in order to solve the jagged ends.

The Snail Bob game is basically a physics based puzzle developed by Andrey Kovalishin, which has become extremely popular. The story behind the game is that Snail Bob has lost his way, and you have to help him find the right path. In the game you will have to think quickly in order to save bob from obstacles and also point him in the right direction. You will need physics knowledge, sharp reflexes and a lot of patience in order to complete it.

At a first glance, Lightbot doesn’t look like a difficult game, but most people have said that it is the hardest online puzzle game. This is because the levels are very easy at first, but the difficulty soon increases. There will probably be some levels where you will have no idea what to do, but in the end, if you manage to complete the challenges you will feel a powerful sense of achievement.

Bart Bonte has developed quite a few interesting puzzle games, but his best one until now, is definitely „Sugar, Sugar”. The premise is simple: you have to put sugar in your coffee mug. But because it is a puzzle game, you will have to sweat a bit in order to add the sugar. With the help of gravity manipulation, intricate slopes and color transformations you will soon obtain a delicious hot coffee.

These are only a few ideas of puzzle games you might like. There are many more like Sheepish, Picross Quest or Electric Box, that you should try, but keep in mind that these games are very addictive!


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