Top 10 Reasons for the Popularity of Zebra Sheer Shades

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You have lots of options for window covers, ranging from curtains and drapes to your standard blinds. But for many, the stylish yet sensible option would be Zebra sheer shades. These are roller shades with horizontal stripes that let the light in based on your preferences. It’s the latest product from Fabricville, and it has received glowing reviews from consumers.

Here are some of the reasons that explain its popularity:

  1. Zebra sheer shades are very affordable, as it’s basically a ready-to-hang shade. However, in regards to aesthetics, the room has to be decorated accordingly otherwise it will clash.
  2. It looks very stylish. The shade features alternating patterns of sheer and somewhat opaque fabric, and these control the amount of light that come into your room. The look is great from inside your room and from the outside as well.
  3. You also have different colors to choose from. You can get them in white, linen, black, gray, and sheer. This means you can pick the color that best suits the color scheme of the room.
  4. It’s easy enough to use. You can adjust the level of privacy you want to have in your room simply by lowering or raising the shades. You get full light into your room when the sheer panels are exposed. However, you can get the layers to overlap one another so you can get more privacy and less light. You can still enjoy a lot of privacy with a lot of light, unlike when you use heavy drapes.
  5. The control mechanism is quite simple and works efficiently. This is a ready-to-hang shade, but unlike similar blinds zebra shades won’t puddle on your window ledge. You can also get a clear view of the outside by raising the shade completely. When you do this, the shade rolls up in a very compact manner.
  6. Installation is also super easy. Your purchase comes with complete instructions, and you can hang it inside the window frame. You also get a complete set of screws and installation brackets.
  7. This is quite durable as it’s resistant to moisture. You can just clean this with just a damp cloth. It’s no trouble to maintain.
  8. It’s also very energy-efficient, as the shade material traps air. So it offers some level of insulation against the heat and the cold. You can use this in the summer to keep the heat out, and during the winter it will help keep the heat in.
  9. It’s safe to use even with children around the house. It comes with a child safety clip that enables the functional chain to be attached to the window frame.
  10. This will fit your window perfectly as you can choose from several widths ranging from 24 to 78 inches. Even if the standard size won’t fit, you can just have Fabricville cut the shade to fit your windows.

These shades are certainly better than ordinary blinds. Your typical blinds are complicated to adjust, and often they have problems that keep them from looking at their best. Cleaning them isn’t always easy, and they typically don’t last long.

Curtains aren’t always suitable either, as they’re not very energy efficient. They’re also not resistant to moisture and you have to wash them regularly. Plus, you can’t use them to control the amount of light you let into the room.

So it’s in your best interest to just use the zebra sheer shade. It looks great, it works well, and it lasts a long time (with proper care, of course). Clearly it’s worth every penny.


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