Tips to Stay Happy in a Wedlock

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The article discusses about the small things, which are required to maintain a healthy marital relationship.

500 happily married couples, were interviewed recently about what most helped to sustain their marriage, and their responses, in order of importance were: mutual trust (52%), faith (27% ) good communication (18%)., and very close to these percentages, they emphasized the contribution of commitment and love. Sorting out things, working together on conflict resolution, patience and forgiveness, and spending time together were some of the other replies of the couples.

Meanwhile, in questioning a large number of people separated or divorced, polls showed that the vast majority of them (58%) had relationship communication problems, followed by the lack of commitment or confidence (51%). Financial problems (48%), problems in raising children (47%) and the relationship with the family of the spouse (38%) were some of the other issues.

If we try to summarize, we can say that among many factors, some of them definitely can be key to a happy marriage. Therefore, while taking into account these data and other specialists from the relationship, this section will address the following topics:


As shown by surveys by various authorities, married love is based on faith and commitment, which a spouse professes on the other. The problems arising in communication, intimacy and trust can be solved with mutual talks and get the relationship go stronger every day. So it is worth exploring the meaning and practical value of this element, which is very important to a marriage.

Common values

One of the elements that contribute to the harmony and understanding of a couple are the values they share. They are the partners who make contribution in the daily decisions, including managing money, parenting, and relationships with respective families, to name a few. In short, the power of this treasure is huge!


Every individual is different; some are extroverts, while some are introverts. Some are more spontaneous, others reserved. Some use words, gestures or other actions to make their feelings known to another. However, in the matrimonial alliance, communication is the key. Discover how to communicate with your partner and find out the best ways to express the feelings to strengthen your relationship.

Tools for conflict resolution

Disagree on opinions or views are normal. But for these differences are not the occasion for a conflict and or marital crisis. It is always helpful to learn communication skills and conflict resolution skills. This learning is convenient for everyone because although we sometimes tend to think that the problem is the other person. It is clear that communication is an art, which varies according to different situations.

Learn To Forgive

Avoid unnecessary arguments, as they destroy family harmony. The fights set a bad example for the children. It’s best to listen to the other to reach a settlement.

Trust your spouse

The confidence means having faith in each other, knowing that it will always be honest, loyal and faithful. Eliminate the phrases “What did you do, who you were?” If you keep on distrusting your spouse, are afraid about infidelity and have a jealous relationship, marriage is a torment.


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