Tips To Look Great In T-Shirts

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Wearing a t-shirt is really common these days. These are comfortable so it is so easy to end up wanting to wear them whenever we go out. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which the t-shirts will not actually be a good choice. Even if you buy a really good one from a site like, you want to make very good choices about how to wear them. With this in mind, here are some tips to remember.

Focus On Where You Go

The most important thing about wearing the t-shirt is to know when and where it is actually appropriate to do this. In many functions you need to attend while wearing a suit and tie or at least a shirt with a collar. You cannot wear a t-shirt unless the event you participate in is casual.

Never try to challenge dress code by wearing t-shirts to an office when this is not allowed or at a wedding. You can be really confident and look great but the t-shirt would still not be a good choice.

Take Your Body Type Into Account

Not all people have the bodies of Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth. These are two people that would always look great in a t-shirt. However, most people do not look like them. Obviously, you do not really need to look like a superstar but you still need to know your very own body type in order to see if you would look great in the t-shirt or not.

If you are a larger man, you know that there is extra weight present in the midsection area. The t-shirts do not hide these. When you are skinny, the t-shirt accentuates leanness seen in your upper torso and arms.

The Perfect T-Shirt Fit

The best t-shirt is not at all suitable for everyone. In order to wear the t-shirt, 2 things are needed:

  • The t-shirt has to conform to the body shape.
  • The t-shirt should not restrict movement freedom or discomfort.

Fit is a huge part of your style. The clothes that fit correctly will showcase the body and make you more attractive. Always choose a brand that will work for your body type as opposed to one that is really popular and recommended.

Choose The Correct T-Shirt Style

Even 2 extra inches present on the t-shirt’s neckline can be bad at times. With t-shirts, you usually choose between crew neck and v-neck styles. The v-neck is good for the man that is fit since this will emphasize the area of the chest. Details like narrow face and short neck are balanced out.

The crew necks are recommended if you have a thin frame. The neck is not as exposed so less attention is drawn to the upper torso area.

Choose Quality Fabric

Last but not least, the fabric is really important and it needs to be of a really high quality. If you want to look great in the t-shirt, the material should be awesome. Be sure that you read t-shirt label so you see exactly what the fabric is. Most t-shirts are 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. However, there are also other fabrics that might be really good for you.


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