Tips on child modelling

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Child modelling is gaining more and more publicity in the modern day. It is an activity that can prove to be tremendously rewarding for you and your child. As a parent it can be very fulfilling to watch your child excel at an activity and you are assured to burst with pride. For your child modelling can provide them with a lot of fun and give them the platform to potentially carve a career for the future. It is a win – win situation.

images23 Tips on child modelling

Nevertheless, as it is your child who will be modelling you are likely to feel a lot more cautious towards the industry. After all, you want to protect your child, it is a natural instinct. But don’t worry; the industry can be a fantastic one if you are savvy. The tips in this article will help you and your child immensely.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you select your child’s agency with great care. Get a feel for the modelling agency before you sign up. You don’t need to rush into a decision and the agency should not push you to do so. Make sure you find an agency that has your child’s best interests at heart and they should constantly be on the lookout for suitable jobs for your child too.

In addition to this, you should never pay for an interview with an agency. This is actually illegal and therefore there are no agencies who should ask you for money for an interview or a consultation. When you sign with an agency it is a two way situation. You are benefitting from the agency’s help whilst they are benefitting from another model in their books. So why should you have to pay to merely have a consultation?

Make sure you don’t let your child down either. It is up to you to make sure you arrive at the locations on time and that you manage their bookings. After all, a young kid is not going to be able to organise everything themselves. It is also recommended that you take some food and drink along to the shoots as well. You don’t know how long your child will be at the modelling shoot for and it is especially important for children that they get their nutrition.

You may also want to familiarise yourself with more information regarding the employment of children. With relation to modelling specifically you will probably need to get your hands on a performance licence. However, if you select a good agency then they will take it upon themselves to help you with this.

And finally, don’t pile the pressure on your child. They shouldn’t be missing school and alike because of modelling. Make sure other areas of their life are not suffering; both in relation to education and socialising with their friends. If your child is not enjoying modelling, then it is time to stop. You shouldn’t force them into doing something they don’t like.

Child modelling can be a lot of fun and highly rewarding. Use the points in this article to ensure a flourishing modelling career for your little one.

Author bio: With fellow directors Paula Harrison and Glynn Evans, Dave Gibbs owns and runs Source Models. Established in 2003 they are now one of the UK’s leading commercial modelling agencies. Source models supply models, presenters and actors to the advertising industry, you can see our people on websites, leaflets, TV and major print campaigns across UK and Europe.

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