Tips for Planning a Wedding in Two Months

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People will tell you that it takes at least a year to plan a gorgeous wedding. It will take eight months at least to have a dress made, including formal wear for your bridal party. But with services that are available today like Atlantaall inclusive wedding packages, you can cut your wedding planning time down to two month. There are people who put together weddings and events for a living. Hiring them will take out a lot of stress from organizing a wedding. Just add in your personal input to personalize the event and let them do their jobs. All you need to worry about is getting your people to the venue on the date itself.

Get the Dress Ready to Wear

There really is no need to have a dress custom made for thousands of dollars and it will take months before you actually even see the dress. Buy a dress already in your size, which should be easy if you are an average sized bride. To get a better fit, find a dress that is a size or two bigger then have it altered by a dressmaker for a better fit to your figure. Alterations are cheaper than getting an entire dress made, it is also faster and you can have your dress in less than a week. For your bridesmaids and maid of honor, order a set of matching matching dresses in their size from a big retailer.

Book Your Venue the Send Out Invitations

When you book your venue at a place that provides packaged wedding deals, make sure that they do as much as possible. You can have them do your catering, set up the venue to your liking and even do decorations and flowers. Get as much out of your package deal as you can so that you have to do less. Decorations and venue set-up with chairs, tables, gazebo, aisle decorations, table center decorations, setting up the sound system for the DJ or band will take a lot of work. To avoid having to outsource a caterer, you venue package deal could include food and cocktails in the deal. The more inclusive your package deal, the more you actually get to save, especially on time.

Ask Friends and Family to Help Out

Having friends and family pitch in on small jobs is how you make your wedding a personal affair. Weddings should bring people closer together and the best way to do that is to actually ask them to help out with the labor. Instead of buying you gifts, they can give your their time and labor. Have one of your bridesmaids be in charge of the bouquets or the outfits for the flower girls. Somebody else could help send out invitations or pick up your out of town guests from the airport. If you need help entertaining your relatives, you can probably leave the entertaining to other people since they’ll understand that you will be busy. Friends with cameras can take your wedding pictures too.


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