Three Tips for Refinancing a Home

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How to Amend Your Prior Years’ Income Tax ReturnBecause of the low interest rates, now is an excellent time to refinance a home. Borrowers can replace their current loan with a refinance loan. They can obtain a lower interest rate, so their monthly payment amount will decrease. Refinancing can help consumers save a significant amount of money. Individuals who are considering refinancing should make sure they understand the process before applying for a loan; therefore, here are three tips for refinancing a home.


Check the credit rating:

People can obtain much lower interest rates if they have a high credit score. Consumers who have a low score should consider raising it before applying for a loan. Many credit reports contain errors, so individuals should clear up any inaccuracies on the credit report. It might also be a good idea for borrowers to seek services for credit repair. It could help save a person thousands of dollars. Consumers can get the best rates if their credit score is above 720.


Compare rates:

Interest rates will vary, so individuals should shop around and compare offers. People need to keep in mind that the interest rate is not the only thing to consider when choosing a lender. Borrowers need to look at the closing costs and other fees that might be applied. In some cases, refinancing could end up costing a person more money, so individuals should calculate all of the fees involved to see if they will actually be saving money. It is a good idea for consumers to obtain quotes from multiple lenders and compare.


Lock in the rate:

Rates fluctuate daily, so when individuals get a good rate, they should secure it in writing. Lenders can fax or email a rate lock in sheet confirming the rate. If a lender agrees to a certain rate, he should be held accountable for that rate. Most lenders will lock in the rate for 60 days. A reputable lender will lock in the rate.


The rates are at an all-time low, so borrowers should consider refinancing their mortgage. Individuals might want to switch to a fixed rate, or they might want to shorten the life of the mortgage. A person might even refinance in order to consolidate debt. Whatever the reason, the refinancing process can be long and complicated, so before consumers begin the process, they should gather pay stubs, bank statements and other documents that might be needed. They can then refinance their mortgage and save money.


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