Thoughts on planning ahead for Funeral Finance

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No one likes the thought of funerals, but as we get older it pays to ensure we do not leave our loved ones with bills they cannot afford. This article takes a look at what we can do to avoid the stress of having to suddenly pay for a funeral.

We all get older and as we do our thoughts turn to what will happen when we are gone. It isn’t something we like to dwell on but practicality becomes important as we age and we all start to consider leaving enough provision to cover the costs of our own goodbye party. There are many options open to us, savings accounts, bespoke policies and insurances. Once you have decided that the time has come to consider planning for your funeral then you can delve a little deeper into what’s on offer. Having made that decision how do you start?

Options for funeral planning and funeral plans are something that most major insurance companies now offer. Tailor made to suit your own personal requirements the policy premium will relate to the eventual forecasted cost. There are even options to nominate the funeral director of your choice and the style of funeral you want to have. There are some people who plan to the last detail what they want at a funeral, even down to the music; but for most of us that’s a little too much to consider while we are still living.

The benefits of funeral planning ahead are many. The main one of course is reducing the stress of meeting the financial burden for those you leave behind. With some consideration and research you can assess the current cost of a funeral in your area and by adding a little extra one can cover the rising costs that may occur in the future. It is a hard time losing a loved one; it becomes even harder when there are bills to pay that have not been catered for. You can also leave specific instructions for the funeral you wish to have and stipulate where and how you want it to take place. This also relieves stress as so often families will argue about what they feel is the best send off for their departed loved one. Everyone feels that they know someone best and when it comes to funerals emotions are always running high.

If you haven’t ever considered taking out a plan then take a second to stop and think about what it could mean to not only you but to your nearest and dearest. Planning ahead is not easy but it is sensible and let’s face it there are precious few of us who can say we have enough money sitting in the bank to meet the cost of a funeral. We have all had to face the loss of a loved one at some point and know all too well how devastating that can be. Imagine combining that loss with a large, often unaffordable bill and you will soon understand the sensibility of making arrangements.

This brief look at the benefits of planning a funeral was written by Peter Smith. He is a freelance copywriter and parent with knowledge of funeral plan products and the options available.


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