Things Often Overlooked Which Are Important to Your Health and Happiness

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If there is one goal in life, that is to be happy. Next to that, and before wealth, is health. We want to be healthy because we want to be happy. Wealth can also make us happy, too.

But if we ask ourselves why wealth can make us happy, we can say that it is because it will enable us to buy or do things we would like to buy and do. Material things like gadgets, clothes, other personal properties and even real properties top the list of items we would like to buy. We would also want to go on vacation trips and tour places. Aside from these objects and experiences, there are also the finer food, rest, relaxation and recreation. These are related to health and the healthy lifestyle. However, you do not need that much wealth to be healthy and happy.


We would like to be healthy because it makes us happy. With a healthy body and well-being, we can do more things and do them better. Further, we avoid expensive medication and treatment costs and the resulting unproductive days which translates to lost opportunities to make and earn income. Moreover, a healthy body results to a better well-being and a happier disposition. A better health can make you happier and you can be healthier without the need for extra cash. Many of the things which we need to do so that we can be healthy and happy are the ones which we overlook, ignore or take for granted.


If you want to be healthier and happier, avoid overwork. Whether it is office work or household chores, be careful not to overdo yourself. There are many bad effects of exhaustion on the body. You need to plan your work well and follow it so that you can avoid going the extra mile except when really necessary. Excessive burning of the midnight oil will not be good for your body. When doing career tasks which may require longer hours, you can break it down, make a plan on when to do the portions and follow such schedule. Going to personal and home tasks, do not get too carried away by what you are doing that you extend it to the early dawn and get very little sleep for the next day. Without enough sleep, you will be unproductive. Moreover, it is not good for your health.

3 R’s

Rest, relax and recreate. Do not let your economic pursuits get in the way of your personal time. Many people do two or three jobs just to follow their dreams of financial freedom or flexibility. It is best that you give time for yourself and your loved ones. You should have time for resting, relaxation and recreation. Doing so will unwind and refresh you for another round of work for another week for example. Without such, your body and mind will be exhausted. If you have planned career-oriented tasks, you might miss one or more of them when unnecessary burnout comes in. Having time for entertainment, amusement and pampering is good for your health and happiness. You should not postpone them too long. You do not need to sacrifice too much in pursuit of financial goals. Instead, you might need to reward yourself every now and then so that you can reach loftier material aspirations.

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