The Top Questions You should Ask Yourself before Renting an Office Space

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The biggest mistake any entrepreneur can make is to rent an office space without giving it some considerable thought. Wanting to get ahead of the game and getting excited to get your venture off the ground may be a plausible excuse, but it still does not warrant leaving aside careful consideration and a lot of thought.

 bbba The Top Questions You should Ask Yourself before Renting an Office Space

If you’re looking for office space, there are some important things to remember. Consider not only the business you are entering into, but also your customers. Need some office space? Here are the top questions you should ask yourself before renting an office space.


Is it conveniently located?


Location is not just a key factor for restaurants, bars, and supermarkets – it’s important for an office as well. Here’s why:


  • How about the clients? They need to be able to visit you without much effort – they are your source of income, after all.


  • How about the employees? You’ll have an easier time if employees don’t complain about the noise from the nearby factory or the lack of parking space.


Does it have enough space?


Space is, of course, important – you need to be able to move around comfortably, regardless of how many things are in place. The problem is two-fold; if the office is too small it will be cluttered and unproductive. If the office is too large, you pay for space you don’t need. However, if you feel your business is soon to expand, err on the ‘too-large’ side. You don’t want to be stuck with a contract that doesn’t accommodate the possibility of expansion.





Does the office promote your business?


This is a general question which is hard to answer. Does your office space give the visitors the right impression? Does it represent your business?


Does it come with the right contract?


Read the fine print and go for as flexible a contract as possible. Think of expansion, but also of the ability to bail out early if things don’t work out.


Don’t forget that there are many options out there, and you should find the right office space that fits with your business model. Don’t settle for getting an office space unless it fits all your requirements. On the other hand, make sure you are flexible enough to ensure growth, and that it gives the right amount of convenience to both customers and employees. Your office space is not just a centre of administrative activity; it’s a place where people come to visit to find out who you are. Make it good, make the office space count. And, if you need extra expert help when it comes to finding the best office space for your needs, check out the infographic specially created by Commercial People, one of the top commercial property experts in the UK.


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