The Top Errors to Avoid when Choosing Lights for Your Home

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If you want to make your home a cosier place, nothing is more important than a few simple decorations, choice of colour, and – arguably the most important – the choice of lighting. Different methods of lighting create different moods, and various lighting designs can bring out various emotions. It’s no wonder that so many people call in the interior designer in order to make sure their home is as comfortable as it can be.


Whilst the art of choosing the right lighting should not be taken lightly, knowing what to do (or, shall we emphasise – what not to do) goes a long way. Thinking about redecorating and making your place a nicer home? Here are the top errors to avoid when choosing lights for your home you should also consider what sort of windows let the most light in to suite your needs.

 beddd The Top Errors to Avoid when Choosing Lights for Your Home

Careful with recessed lights


You don’t want to install them everywhere or anywhere; you have to be careful with their location. They’re often expensive, and the common mistake people make is that, just because they look good, they can be installed basically anywhere. That’s not the case, however, and interior designers pick up on the mistake right away. If there is other light coming along, they’re often a big waste of energy. Use recessed lights wisely – where they will have the optimum effect. Also, choose the design carefully – if you have a vintage home theme, industrial lighting is often a great choice.


Use task lights where they are needed


The kitchen is one area where task lights are seriously needed – any place in the house where you need to concentrate and see what you’re doing is a place where task lights should be installed. Often people forget the kitchen, the bathroom, and an area that serves as an office or workshop. Task lights allow you to get the full benefit of the available lumens – use them well.




Beware of shadows


Light is one thing – shadow is another. It’s important to understand that lights cast shadows. For example, if you install only ceiling lights in your bathroom, you may have a hard time looking in the mirror, and overhead lights cast ugly shadows on the face. This is especially important for the vanity – have side lights installed as well.


Add dimmer switches


The intensity of the light is important – and your control over it is as well.


Now that you know the basics – and hence, what to avoid – here’s one more important thing you should never forget: make sure that the various lights you install have different controls. Use different controls for each kind of lighting. It may be a hassle when it comes to the wiring, but on the other hand, it’s really straightforward and any electrician worth his or her salt can handle this. Keep the various kinds of lighting separate in their controls, and you’ll be able to create whatever mood you like, whenever you like it.



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