The Top Elements to Consider when Choosing Music for Your Wedding Ceremony

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Amongst all the factors you have to think about when planning your wedding, music makes a big difference as well. Unfortunately for some, the musical choices are only made at the last minute. So if you are planning your wedding, make sure you take some various elements into consideration when it comes to the music during your ceremony. Here’s what you should remember when choosing the music for your all-important wedding ceremony.


Know your options


When choosing wedding music, especially when you walk down the aisle, you have several options. Whilst the traditional organist or pianist is always a good choice, don’t be afraid to veer a bit away from the traditional and go for other types of live musicians such as soul choirs, harpists, violinists, or a live band. If your budget does not count for the expense of live musicians, you can always opt for recorded music, as long as the length of the songs is appropriate for their purpose. For instance, if it’s a song for walking down the aisle, make sure it’s timed properly so the song doesn’t get cut off before you reach the altar!


Good background tunes


Of course, you would need music not only during the ceremony, but also during the reception. Choose music that is ambient and easy to listen to. You should also take note of the volume of the music, as you don’t want it to be too loud or overwhelming. Slow-paced music is a great choice, and it can also affect your mood, making you calmer and more relaxed.


Remember the classics


Whilst it’s no problem to include trendy or popular songs in your ceremony and reception repertoire, you shouldn’t forget the classics, either. For many weddings, the standard classics always work best, especially if you want your guests to remember the romance and magic of your wedding. The latest tune from Beyonce or Adele may be perfect during the reception, but would you really want to include those in your wedding ceremony?





Don’t forget your recessional music


It’s all well and good to choose the proper music for your walk down the aisle, the ceremony itself, and the reception. But don’t forget your recessional music – this is when you walk out of the venue; your first walk as husband and wife. It should be a memorable song, appropriate for this defining moment in your life.


Choosing the right music for your ceremony and reception is important – but you also shouldn’t neglect other important considerations, such as your venue – choose music which is appropriate for your venue as well – if you are having a ceremony and reception in a hotel such as a classic Doncaster hotel like The Regent, it’s a good idea to choose classic and romantic tunes.


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