The Timid Golfer: How to Put Yourself in Situations Where You’ll Play Well

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Are you enthusiastic about golf, but concerned you just don’t have the confidence to enjoy a professional golf career? Many golfing beginners are often unsure how to improve or find out what it’ll take to get to the next level, but they enjoy the challenge of getting there. This article will focus on certain techniques and situations which can help bring out the best in your game.

Improving Your Confidence

Confidence is the most important mental tool a golfer can carry with them on and off the course. It’s not something you can fake, but it is something that can be built upon over time. Golf confidence usually comes from feeling good about your game, and from positive mental associations. This can be built upon in “layers”, which is a little hard to describe


Take It To The Putting Green 

The putting green is a safe and easy place to help build your confidence without any pressure, and for the most part, without an audience.  One method of doing this is to place four balls at a distance each of one foot from the hole. Go round, practicing your routine and set-up as you approach the putt, before stroking it into the hole. Practice this again and again, but try not to get sloppy. This way you can become accustomed to the feeling of a well-placed putt; listen to the sound of the ball as it drops into the hole. Enjoy the experience.

Of course, you may think anyone can make putts that easily, but if you’re able to start every putt on your line this way, you’re going to get a whole lot better at putting. Soon you’ll be setting up 20-foot putts and you’ll already be accustomed to getting that first foot dead straight.


Some of the great golfers out there are the ones who can actually visualize the ball going into the hole. It’s a talent or skill that some have, some don’t – but like most skills, it can be worked on. How?

We all have delayed retina imaging; this means that if you were to look at an object before closing your eyes, you’ll see be able to ‘see’ that object. This is one advantage that can actually be utilized in golf, believe it or not. Here’s an exercise to try out for yourselves.

When on the putting green, set up your putt and then focus on the breaking point or the cup, before looking back at the ball. But hold that picture of the target in your mind, and stroke the ball while you do so. The results may pleasantly surprise you, and it’s a technique you can try again and again.

The 6-8-10 Formula

This rule helps to improve your chip shots. Remember; fly the ball as little as possible, and roll it as much as you can.

Say you’re chipping with a pitching wedge (which is essentially a 10-iron); the ball flies half distance to the hole, and rolls half the way. Chip with an 8-iron however, and the ball flies 1/3 of the way and rolls 2/3. A 6-iron will fly it 1/4 of the way and roll the further 3/4.

Finally, take your time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself; relax and enjoy the game.


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