The Story of Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and prejudice

Pride and prejudice is a funny story of love and life, which is among the gentility during the Georgian era. The story was written by different authors. Each author has its own story about the pride and the prejudice story of love and life of Mr. Bennet’s family. This is a tale of middle class family in England around the 18th century.

Story by Don

The plot of the story illustrates Mr. Bennet who is an English man living in Hertfordshire with his over bearing wife. The family has five daughters whose names and characters are: the clever Elisabeth, the bookish Mary, the immature kitty, the wild Lydia, and the beautiful Jane. Unfortunately, none of the daughters will inherit the house if Mr. Bennet dies. Instead, the house will be inherited by a distant cousin whom they have never seen. Since the daughters cannot inherit their father’s house, their future happy moments and security is when they get married to good husbands. Life is not eventful till the arrival of Mr. Bingley who comes and rent a large house in the neighborhood so that he can spend the summer in the country. Also, Mr. Bingley brings in his sister and also the richer (dashing) but proud Mr. Darcy. Love for one of Mr. Bennet’s daughters soon fills the air. For the Benet’s daughters, many tribulations and trials stand between them and their happiness includes class, scandal, and gossip.

Story by focus features
This is a story of love and values unfolding in the late 18th century in class conscious England. The five Bennet’s sisters with young Lydia and clever Elisabeth included have been raised by their mother with one objective: to get married as soon as possible since their house will be inherited by a distant cousin whom they don’t know. When a bachelor takes up a house in the nearby mansion, the daughters are abuzz. There was no shortage of suitors for the bonnets sisters since there was a sophisticated circle of friends of the neighbor. However, when Elizabeth met with a snobbish Mr. Darcy, the battle started.

Story by Claudio Carvalho (Rio de janneiro, Brazil)
Mr. Bennet raises her five daughters in Georgian England. The names of the daughters were: Lydia, Mary, Kitty, Elizabeth and Jane. The daughters had ambitions of getting married with rich husbands that can give support to the family. This family is not from the upper class. If Mr. Bennet dies, their house will be rented by a distant cousin. When a rich man, Mr. Bingley came and rent a nearby mansion with his friend Mr. Darcy. Two of the daughters fall in love with the two men. Lizzie finds a snobbish and proud man Mr. Darcy While the beautiful Jane was in love with Mr. Bingley.
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