The Most Expensive Luxury Watches for the Fashion Conscious Female

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Luxury horological wonders for women attain a whole new definition with the lineup from the world’s finest watch houses. The appreciation for these timepieces stem from the knowledge of the time and effort put in to craft each of them. The most expensive luxury watches for women showcase the best in aesthetics and mechanisms.


Here is a close look at five of the most expensive women’s watches of recent times.

Rolex Datejust Ladies Medium Watch

Simple and elegant, this luxury watch is a perfect accessory for your formal evening wear. The watch case, made from 18 karat white gold, is decorated with diamonds. The chic dial and the oyster karat bracelet beautify the piece. The automatic movement watch has the display has hour, minute and second markers.

Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Retrograde Perpetual Calendar Ladies Watch

Attractive and complicated, this is a great example of how luxury can combine with mechanism to achieve a singular effect. The dark hued dial and the leather strap create the perfect backdrop for the dazzle of the diamond bezel. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is all – the watch comes with a perpetual calendar, a moon phase and retrograde date.

Cartier La Dona Watch

Created by Cartier in honor of Maria Felix, the Latin American movie star, this dress watch exudes luxury! The quartz movement watch has a unique trapezoid-shaped case, made from 18 karat yellow, rose or white gold, studded with diamonds. The bracelet comes with reptilian-style links that add to the lines and curves of the watch.

Patek Philippe Twenty–4 Watch

Precious gold case adorned with diamonds creates an aesthetic of pure luxury in this piece. Simplicity personified, this watch has a quartz movement and hours and minute functions. The E 15 Caliber piece is a medium-sized wristwatch. The brilliant diamond on the crown weighs 0.5 karats!

Richard Mille Celtic Knot Ladies Tourbillion Watch

Repeated requests from the ladies for a tourbillion watch made this watch a reality. Exemplifying luxury, it comes with a skeletonized dial, made from Black Onyx and embellished with a diamond-encrusted Celtic Knot, a gold (red or white) case and alligator strap. This manual winding wristwatch shows the hours, minutes and the power reserve.

No list of luxury watches for women is complete without the mention of ‘The Queen’.

Breguet Marie Antoinette

Crafted by master horologist Breguet, this watch was commissioned by an ardent admirer or Queen Marie Antoinette. Every one of its 823 parts is handcrafted; The Telegraph reports that it took 44 years to complete. It is, therefore, no wonder that neither the maker nor the recipient got a glimpse of the finished watch.

The admirer who ordered this watch specified that it must be the most spectacular watch of all times, with every horological detail incorporated within. The result of the request is quite near to the order – the self-winding watch has a perpetual calendar, a moon phase display, an hour, quarter-hour and minute repeater, and even a thermometer.

Luxury watches have always been in vogue but only for the select few.


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