The Merits of Aesthetic Training Courses

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There were over three million aesthetic laser procedures performed in the U.S. in 2010 according to ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). FDA-approved Botox led the list with over two million procedures. The other top non-surgical cosmetic procedures were hyaluronic acid with over a million procedures, laser hair removal with just under a million procedures and laser skin resurfacing with just below half a million procedures. With all these procedures, it is clear that certified cosmetic laser technicians are in high demand.

You could consider attending aesthetic training courses because you will get certification by the likes of NALA (National Association of Laser and Aesthetics). Most states do not require that you be an esthetician to operate a laser, but certification is important despite the fact that the cosmetic laser industry is unregulated. Most employers only hire cosmetic laser technicians who are certified.

Aesthetic training courses teach you the basics you need in the industry. You will get training in such areas as skin rejuvenation (such as photofacials and resurfacing) and radiofrequency skin tightening.

You will learn more than the technical issues of how to handle the laser. It is important that you learn to set patient expectations in the industry and aesthetic training courses teach you this. If you run an aesthetic medical practice, you will get valuable tips from successful owners of aesthetic medical practices as well as industry-leading marketing professionals on such matters as the power of Google, search engine optimization (SEO), how to motivate and train staff, how to come up with a pricing strategy, social media optimization (SMO) and how to maximize your existing client base.

You will get training on how to handle intense pulse and laser light safely. This is important because these lights can cause a lot of damage. Good aesthetic training courses give you hands-on experience. You will be more confident when dealing with patients if you have handled the equipment in the past.

Refresher courses are very important in the industry because you will improve on your skills and you will learn about the newest technologies and equipment. A good training institute will offer free refresher aesthetic training courses.

You get to interact with and learn from industry leaders who have years of experience in the field. With most training institutes, it only takes a few days to become a certified laser technician. Calendars are usually flexible to ensure that the training does not overly interfere with your life or career. Be on the lookout for financing.


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