The goodness of different yoga types

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Looking to improve your immune system and lower your stress level, then yoga is for you. Started some 5,000 years ago, today, yoga is practiced in ever from yoga studios to every corners of the world. One country that has been captured by the goodness of yoga is Australia. Before beginning a Yoga Australia class it is important to learn about different styles of yoga as one yoga form will emphasizes on flexibility the other focuses on improving your core. So, here are some of the most practiced forms of yoga:


  • Bikram yoga – 

images (1)As the Bikram yoga is carried out in a room with 95 to 100 degree temperature, it is often referred to as hot yoga.  Comprising of a series of 26 poses, this form of yoga helps to loosening tight muscles and recover from any injury. The heat allows the tissues to stretch, which is what makes this form of yoga excellent if you want to greatly improve your body’s flexibility.  However, individuals with cardiovascular disease should avoid it as Bikram puts a strain when exercising in the heat. This type of yoga s recommended for those yogis who want to test their limits and recuperate from physical injuries. 


Hatha Yoga


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Originated back in the 15th century India, Hatha Yoga is the class to join is you want something different from the yoga practice. Mostly for the beginners, the class will be gentle and slow-paced. Here you will work on the basic poses and different relaxation techniques such as pranayama. It can be perfect for those who want to have a relaxing evening after a hectic day of work. 


  • Ashtanga Yoga
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 Power yoga or Ashtanga yoga focuses on powerful flowing movements involving a lot of strength and stamina and includes push-ups and lunges. Ashtanga yoga can be the yoga for you if have successfully recovered from a back injury and want an arduous and fast-paced yoga practice. It is mostly taken up by cyclists, runners and other athletes who want to increase their flexibility, balance and concentration to their workout regime. 


  • Vinyasa Yoga –


 Vinyasa yoga is a form of yoga related to the breath and body movements that are linked in flowing exercises. The emphasis is laid on the Sun Salutation, a series of 12 poses where the body poses are coordinated to the breath. As this yoga can be adapted according to one’s needs it is particularly useful for people suffering from back or neck problems. Apart from this, it enables the practitioner to tone the abdominal muscles, improve flexibility, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.


  • Kundalini yoga –

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Derived from “Kundalini”, which means  the energy of the root chakra that are surrounded near the end of the spine,  Kundalini yoga  works on the principle of freeing the unlimited potential lying in that energy center. If you want strength, fitness, energy, vitality and get close to your true divine nature then this is the yoga for you. 


  • Iyengar yoga –


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Lyengar yoga stresses on strengthening the bodily alignment and makes use of various props such as blankets and blocks. The focus is much more on standing poses, which are held for long duration. It is a great form of yoga if you want to correct your alignments, build body strength and suffer from medical conditions such as arthritis. 


There are a number of Yoga Australia schools however before taking a class whether in Yoga Brisbane or any other city of the country you should discuss with the teacher about his philosophy so as to find the most suitable and appealing form of yoga for you. If you want to learn more detail please visit


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