The future of tablets and what to expect

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Microsoft recently revealed one of the most expensive tablets for about $900. At such a price, this tablet is among desktops and mid-priced laptops. It will surely give tough competition to its counterparts. For years, Apple’s iPad has attracted users because of numerous applications on a large screen with sharp image quality. Moreover, popular laptop manufacturers like Asus and Lenovo are changing with market trends and launching tablets to attract more consumers. These days, many consumers wonder if tablets will be able to replace desktops and laptops from the main arena.

Convenient for All Kinds of Audiences

The presence and popularity of tablets has significantly increased in the last couple of years. They are no more a luxury, but a necessity. When tablets were launched, they were considered to be just expensive toys by a major section of the technological society. However, they can be commonly seen in classrooms, homes and offices now. In fact, tablets have become tremendously popular in business organizations. Since they can be easily carried to work, many business organizations hand over tablets to employees so that they can be in touch at all times.

With people turning towards more convenient and comfortable options, tablets have also become popular among average desktop or laptops users. Instead of using heavy laptops and space-consuming desktops, people prefer tablets these days. A 9 inch tablet can be easily seen in the hands of a person who looks to enjoy all the benefits of a laptop with more convenience, portability and comfort. With increasing popularity of touch screen, people wanted to experience such computers. However, touch screen laptops and computers are very expensive. Therefore, people settled for tablets and found they were even more suitable for daily needs. There is no doubt that tablets are going to become more popular, just like smartphones did and continue to do so.


Exceptional Features with Portability 

Due to convenience, ease of use, portability and comfortable dimensions, tablets have been able to attract a wider audience. Even the largest tablet in the market is smaller and lighter than the smallest of laptops. In addition to this, tablets have continuously provided exceptional features like 3G capability, calling options, numerous applications and so on. Touchscreen capabilities have also generated a keen interest among consumers. In fact, this feature has been able to set tablets apart from other computing options. Moreover, tablets also offer better battery life and therefore, become a great option for traveling.


A User-Friendly Option

Tablets have also been able to attract an untapped market known as ‘elderly’. Tablets are user-friendly and therefore, even older consumers have been able to use them for their benefits. Tablets have a lot of social applications, medical benefits and provide means of communication. Therefore, they have been able to reach older consumers like no other technology.

For now, tablets are perfect for people who need computers for staying in touch with friends, basic office work and entertainment purposes. It is true that laptops boast of more computing power than tablets. However, technology is advancing every day and therefore, you don’t need to be surprised if you see a 9 inch tablet going past laptops in the near future.


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