The Cosmetic Dentist: Combining Art And Science

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People working with anything related to beauty are deemed to be artists in their own right: fashion designers, make-up artists, oil painters… they are all in the business of promoting beauty. These days, this label can also apply to medical professionals who are in the business of making people look more attractive. Plastic surgeons and other surgeons engaged in reconstructive surgery could also consider themselves as artisans.

Would It Be Correct To Also Lump Cosmetic Dentists With These Types Of Medical Professionals?

Well, if we look closely at what cosmetic dentists do, it is clear that they could also be called artisans. As opposed to general dentists, cosmetic dentists pay more attention on what your teeth would look like in the end. That’s not to disparage general dentists do, however. General dentists are also very good when it comes to providing dental services such as teeth cleaning and basically anything that would promote dental health, resulting to stronger teeth.

That wouldn’t be a problem if you already have a perfectly good-looking set of teeth to begin with, and you only need regular care and maintenance. If you are dealing with misaligned, crooked and protruding teeth, you might have to rethink your decision to approach a general dentist and go to a cosmetic dentist itself.

Granted, cosmetic dentists charge much more than your general dentist does, but that is to be expected. After all, it takes a lot of training and experience before a general dentist becomes a cosmetic dentist. There is also the fact that he would be employing the use of certain tools and machines in order to correct whatever dental problem or “anomaly” you may be suffering from.

Some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures include dental implants, dental crowns, dental caps, tooth shaping, and, in some cases, even tooth replacement. Normally, these procedures would entail the use of special materials.

You can look at photographs of the results of the work of a general dentist and compare that with those of a cosmetic dentist. The differences would be very apparent, starting from the color of the teeth. If the patient approaches a dentist because of stained teeth, the general dentist can offer to do something to make it whiter. And he would be successful, too. However, if you compare it to a teeth whitening procedure performed by a cosmetic dentist, it is clear that the latter would produce whiter, more sparkling results.

Now where can you expect to find these dental “artisans”? Well, we are lucky these days that there are already so many cosmetic dentists out there. If you are living in Arizona and you decide to fore-go your usual general dentist and instead pick a cosmetic dentist Scottsdale, Phoenix and other major locations in the state would provide you with a lot of options. You won’t even have to have a difficult time making your choice of a cosmetic dentist. Scottsdale is filled with many patients who have tried out the services of these artistic professionals, so you need only to open your ears wide and ask around to get some hint as to which dentist would be the best one for you.


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