The Best Reasons for Working in the Finance Industry

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Finance is one of the biggest industries in Britain. It employs thousands and, although there are new vacancies in the sector opening up all the time, competition for each is fierce, making finance a very difficult industry to break into. Only the best qualified and those with relevant experience are likely to win positions in this highly competitive arena. So, what is the attraction? What makes so many take up the challenge of entering the finance industry? Here are some of the reasons that make finance such a magnet.

Salary and benefits

Many people are attracted to particular jobs because of the financial rewards. The finance industry generally offers higher salaries than most other industries, not only at the entry level but also at senior levels, where salaries compete with the highest in any industry.


The finance industry also has a fine reputation for offering excellent bonuses and other benefits that other industries cannot match. If you are prepared to face the stresses and challenges of the industry, then you can expect to be very well rewarded.

Career structure

The finance industry offers good career prospects for those with the aptitude and determination to succeed. Ability is usually rewarded financially and with promotion, so you have the opportunity to climb the career ladder reasonably quickly, provided you can outdo your competitors.

The beauty of the finance industry, too, is that it possible to change companies without affecting your career prospects because the skills you learn at one company are usually transferable to another. If you are not happy with one employer, therefore, you should be able to move on to somewhere more suitable.


Employment opportunities in the finance industry cover a wide variety of disciplines. These include:

  • Accountancy – dealing with tax matters, auditing and accounting.
  • Banking – managing money, loans and the whole range of finance roles.
  • Insurance – handling personal and corporate insurance and related roles.
  • Investment – advising on and dealing with trading in various financial instruments.

These are just a few of the areas covered by the finance industry. Each has a variety of different roles within it, so the variety is endless. There is almost certain to be a suitable niche for everyone.

The size and scope of the industry also means that there is every possibility that you will have the opportunity to work away from home and, sometimes, abroad, particularly if you are employed by one of the larger financial houses.

Work environment

The financial world is ever changing and it can be difficult to keep up with developments, but this adds to the excitement (and stress) of the profession. It is a fast paced, high-pressure environment that presents new challenges almost every day. This can be fun and rewarding if you are up to the task.


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