The Best of Summer Fashion for Men

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When the winter months make a graceful exit, there is what seems like a very short period of mild weather before summer sets in. It seems like the summer weather gets warmer every year, at times becoming practically intolerable. Hopefully, you have ditched your woollens and full-sleeved clothes in favour of lighter clothing for the warm months.

A lot of men have trouble choosing clothes that can keep them comfortable in the heat, while still looking classy and fashionable. If you have ever noticed the number of men in Hawaiian shirts and shorts looking out of place because they are not at the beach, you know exactly what that statement means!

Luckily, the fashion choices for men are not as complex and intricate as those for women, so you can create the perfect summer outfits with a few basic tips and hints.

Tips for Picking Summer Clothing for Men

In case you have been wondering how to create a summer wardrobe to tide you through the hot months, you’re not the only one. This handy guide will help you decide what essential clothing you should buy and what to wear in summer.

  • T-Shirts – These are a staple item that should be in your wardrobe throughout the year! Summer tees are all about bold colours with graphic prints, stripes or solid styles being the hottest (and coolest). T-shirts should be well-fitting, not skin tight or too loose, but just loose enough that they allow your skin to breathe. Round and V-necks are the best bets for dealing with the warmer weather in style.
  • Shorts – Every man should own a few pairs of perfectly fitting shorts in neutral colours that can be teamed with a variety of tees or shirts. Dark colours are very impractical for the summer while khaki, off-white, grey and tan are the best colours for summer, since they reflect heat. Knee-length shorts are the best, but if you are in good shape, you could wear shorter denim cut-offs as well.
  • Shirts – Whether they are printed or plain, well-cut shirts in cotton or linen are perfect for staying cool in the blistering heat. These natural fabrics draw sweat away from your skin and light colours like white, pale blue, cream and grey go well with just about any pair of shorts or pants.
  • Others – For cooler evenings or formal occasions, a linen jacket that can be teamed with a tee or shirt is perfect. Baseball caps or hats will protect you from the sun and open sandals are essential for keeping your feet dry and airy. Swim shorts and sunglasses are other items you should own, since they are needed for a day at the beach or lounging by the pool!

There are a lot of companies that are offering clothing in synthetic or natural fabrics that can help keep you sweat-free and cool, like Superdry mens t shirts and gym wear from most major brands. Check out some of the options at if you’d like to find out more about these summer-friendly clothing choices.


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