The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Book

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be spiderman on the screenMost of us have come across Spider-Man when we watched the movies about the super-hero and although they are a good effort in trying to portray this fictional character, it actually all began as a comic book published by Marvel Comics. The first appearance of this red-and-blue hero, as we have nowadays come to know him, happened in 1962 where he was portrayed by his creators, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko as an ordinary teenager raised by his aunt and uncle that had to deal with the struggle of a crime fighter. The way that these writers envisioned the hero was pretty much as we know him today: super powers and agility, fast reflexes (due to his ”spider sense”), the ability to stick to surfaces as spiders do and due to his personal creativity, spider webs by use of his wrist devices.

The special thing about the Spider-Man comic books is that they appeared during a time where superhero-sidekick comic books were reigning. And since Spider-man was kind of a solo act, not benefiting from the protection of a superhero mentor, his journey was a unique one where he had to learn for himself about the responsibilities that come with his powers. It is these powers that became the inspiration for numerous games in which the player can be spiderman on the screen.

When the young Peter Parker was created, a simple boy dealing with normal teenage issues like loneliness, inadequacy and rejection, readers could relate. In spite of his powers, the modest character helps his aunt May with rent, gets taunted by colleagues and puts up with the editorial whims of Jonah J. Jameson. As events unfold, he begins fighting his enemies: The Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Venom and in July of 1987 he proposes to Mary Jane Watson who he marries in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual.

There are also different story-lines where for example, Peter has a clone created by a college professor, Ben Reilly (or the Scarlet Spider) but comes to the conviction that he himself is the clone and thus gives Ben the Spider-Man identity. It is only when Ben is killed by the Green Goblin that Peter realizes that Ben was the clone all along. Or where Peter reveals his true identity to the public and becomes a member of the New Avengers although this only worsens his problems. There is another storyline where Peter strikes a Faustian bargain that results in the erasure of his marriage with Mary Jane and the resurrection of Harry Osborn.

Either way you look at it, even if you are the exact opposite of a comic freak, you have to admit that Marvel Comics did a great job in creating a character neither you, nor I, nor our children will fail to know. I myself have only read a few comic books but I was surprised to see they were more entertaining than I would have given them credit, so do try to put your preconceptions aside and let the 5 year old in you take over for just 15 minutes. You might be surprised.


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